FG 3MTT Program Unveils Partnership with UNDP for 3,000 Paid Internships

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FG 3MTT Program Unveils Partnership with UNDP for 3,000 Paid Internships

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering innovation and digital expertise, Dr. Bosu Tijani, the Minister of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy, recently announced a strategic collaboration between the Federal Government’s 3MTT program and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Nigeria.

Through a post on his X app, Dr. Tijani revealed that the partnership aims to provide 3,000 paid internships to the distinguished participants of the 3MTT (3 Million Teachers) program. These 12-month internships are designed to align with the program’s overarching goal of ensuring that participants are seamlessly integrated into roles that allow them to apply the acquired skills effectively.

The collaboration signifies a pivotal step in advancing Nigeria’s commitment to excellence in the digital realm. The internships will not only offer valuable hands-on experience but also contribute to the nation’s workforce development, aligning with the broader objectives of both the 3MTT initiative and the UNDP.

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The initiative is expected to further elevate Nigeria’s standing in the global digital landscape by nurturing a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and technological advancements. The move underscores the government’s dedication to bridging the gap between education and practical application, ensuring that the 3MTT participants are well-prepared for impactful roles in the digital economy.

The announcement was made with enthusiasm, emphasizing the government’s commitment to empowering its citizens with the requisite knowledge and experience. As the program unfolds, it is anticipated that the partnership with UNDP will not only enhance the capabilities of the 3MTT fellows but also contribute to the broader narrative of Nigerian excellence in the digital era.

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The 3MTT program’s collaboration with UNDP for these paid internships reflects a forward-thinking approach to education and workforce development. The initiative aligns with the global trend of fostering partnerships between governmental bodies and international organizations to create meaningful opportunities for skill application and development.

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