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JUST IN: World Bank Announces Ambitious Plan to Provide Digital National IDs for 148 Million Nigerians by 2024

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JUST IN: World Bank Announces Ambitious Plan to Provide Digital National IDs for 148 Million Nigerians by 2024
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In a significant stride towards inclusivity and accessibility, the World Bank’s Country Director for Nigeria, Shubham Chaudhuri, has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). The collaboration aims to facilitate the successful rollout and registration of digital national IDs for all Nigerians. The ambitious target is to equip at least 148 million working-age individuals with digital national IDs by mid-2024, thereby laying a strong foundation for societal transformation.

Chaudhuri articulated this pivotal initiative during a dinner event held in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy in Abuja. Amidst the gathering, he reaffirmed the World Bank’s steadfast commitment to eradicating poverty, enhancing the quality of lives, and fostering employment opportunities for the burgeoning youth population of Nigeria.

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The World Bank’s vision for Nigeria encompasses harnessing the potential of digital technologies to catalyze far-reaching transformations. Chaudhuri elucidated two key realms of partnership between the World Bank and Nigeria to actualize these aspirations. He emphasized the pivotal role of digital technologies and identified the commencement of this transformation journey with the issuance of digital national IDs.

“One of the main partnerships we have is working with NIMC to ensure the rollout of the registration so that all 213/220 million Nigerians have a digital national ID, beginning, of course, with all people of working age,” Chaudhuri stated. He underscored the targeted objective of providing digital national IDs to a staggering 148 million Nigerians within the first half of the coming year.

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The advent of digital national IDs is poised to usher in a new era of efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in various facets of Nigerian society. With a digitally connected population, the nation is poised to realize enhanced service delivery, greater financial inclusion, and streamlined administrative processes. This transformative initiative aligns with Nigeria’s broader developmental goals and holds the promise of catalyzing socioeconomic progress.

As the World Bank and NIMC collaborate to bring the digital national ID vision to fruition, this partnership represents a beacon of hope for millions of Nigerians seeking empowerment, inclusion, and a brighter future. By combining technological innovation with a commitment to sustainable development, this collaborative effort aims to lay the foundation for a more prosperous and equitable Nigeria.

Source: The Punch

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