Minister Opens Up on 3MTT Applicant Who Didn’t Receive Email: What You Need to Know!

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Minister Opens Up on 3MTT Applicant Who Didn't Receive Email: What You Need to Know!

In a surprising twist at the airport, Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Federal Minister of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy, found himself in a conversation with an Immigration Officer inquiring about the status of his 3MTT application. The officer’s query, shared on Twitter, garnered attention with the Minister acknowledging the familiarity of being recognized, albeit on a grander scale.

The plot thickened as a Twitter user joined the conversation, expressing concern about not receiving any email notification regarding their 3MTT application. Minister Bosun Tijani swiftly responded, assuring both the Twitter user and the Immigration Officer that the issue would be addressed, directing them to contact “@3MTTSupport.”

3MTT Program Email Message @3mttsupport

The 3MTT (3 Million in Tech) program was instituted with the ambitious goal of training three million Nigerians in technology over the next five years, aiming to boost employment rates. Additionally, the program plans to enroll 3000 fellows for paid internships, collaborating with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Nigeria.

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As Nigerians actively participate in the 3MTT program, taking tests on the dedicated login portal, the Minister emphasizes the importance of completing profiles and adjusting course topics. For those yet to register, the official program website ( provides the necessary information.

For those facing email communication issues, Minister Bosun Tijani’s assurance via @3MTTSupport adds a layer of reassurance. The article explores the Minister’s candid response, the significance of the 3MTT program, and provides valuable information for both existing participants and potential registrants.

In conclusion, the Minister’s transparency regarding the email concern and the steps being taken to address it showcases the commitment to ensuring a smooth experience for all 3MTT applicants. As Nigerians eagerly engage with the program, the article serves as a comprehensive guide, shedding light on the Minister’s insights and the way forward for 3MTT participants.

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