Niger in Turmoil as Soldiers Stage Coup on Live TV, Dissolve Constitution, and Detain President Bazoum

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Niger in Turmoil as Soldiers Stage Coup on Live TV, Dissolve Constitution, and Detain President Bazoum

In a shocking turn of events, soldiers in Niger have declared a coup on national television, announcing the dissolution of the constitution, the suspension of all institutions, and the closure of the country’s borders. The dramatic televised address late Wednesday was led by Colonel-Major Amadou Abdramane, who surrounded himself with nine other uniformed soldiers, all denouncing the regime of President Bazoum.

The soldiers cited the nation’s deteriorating security situation, poor economic conditions, and social governance as the driving forces behind their decision to take control. Niger, a landlocked West African country, has been grappling with poverty and jihadist insurgencies, placing immense pressure on its leadership. President Bazoum, who assumed office two years ago in Niger’s first peaceful transition of power since independence from France in 1960, now finds himself detained amidst the chaos.

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Global leaders have swiftly responded to the crisis, urging for the immediate release of President Bazoum. Regional efforts for mediation are already underway, with the president of neighboring Benin, Patrice Talon, heading to the capital city of Niamey to help resolve the situation. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has been actively engaged in the diplomatic efforts to restore stability in the region.

The coup has sparked international concern, given Niger’s strategic position in the Sahel and its status as one of the few pro-Western leaders in the area. The unfolding situation could have broader implications for regional security and stability.

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In response to the coup, the president’s office issued a message on Twitter (now rebranded as X), stating that elements of the Presidential Guard (PG) had attempted to gain the support of the national armed forces and the national guard but were unsuccessful. The army and national guard have declared their readiness to take action against the PG elements involved in the coup if they do not return to a more cooperative disposition.

The situation remains highly fluid and uncertain, with the citizens of Niger and the international community closely monitoring developments. The implications of the coup are likely to reverberate throughout the region, and a swift resolution is urgently needed to prevent further escalation of tensions.

(Source: Vanguard Nigeria)

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