NPC Reopens Portal for Ad-Hoc and NYSC Members to Register Births – Deadline 30th August 2023

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NPC Reopens Portal for Ad-Hoc and NYSC Members to Register Births - Deadline 30th August 2023

The National Population Commission (NPC) has taken a momentous step to bolster birth registration accuracy in Nigeria by reopening the NPC Birth Registration E-Recruitment Portal for the year 2023. With a closing date set for the 30th of August 2023, this initiative underscores the Commission’s commitment to compiling comprehensive and accurate birth certificates for the nation’s youngest citizens.

Available exclusively to ad-hoc members and members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the portal is a gateway for individuals to actively contribute to this critical endeavor. To commence the registration process, interested parties can visit the official website: NPC E-Birth Portal. This user-friendly platform streamlines the application process, enabling participants to register births across the nation seamlessly.

The NPC has stipulated specific criteria that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for registration:

  1. Valid National Identification Number (NIN): The NIN plays a pivotal role as it is utilized for the assessment test, ensuring accurate identity verification.
  2. Completion of an assessment test: Aspiring candidates are required to successfully complete an assessment test as part of the selection process.
  3. Device equipped with a camera: Applicants need access to a device that features a camera to facilitate the registration process.
  4. Matching bank details: Bank details provided during registration must align with the information in the National Identification Number (NIN).
  5. Valid educational certificate: Applicants must possess an acceptable educational certificate to be considered for the registration process.
  6. Active Gmail account: An active Gmail account is essential for effective communication throughout the registration process.
  7. Minimum 50% score on assessment test: Candidates need to achieve a minimum score of 50% on the assessment test to be eligible for registration.
  8. Valid Bank Account Number: Only bank accounts from commercial banks will be accepted for registration.

The NPC’s ambitious objective of registering 12.7 million births in 2023 extends to the issuance of birth certificates containing not just the names, but also the nationalities of children under the age of 5 in Nigeria. This initiative spans 21 states, encompassing 456 Local Government Areas (LGAs), and an impressive 4,978 wards across the country.

The simplified application process has been designed to encourage and enable volunteers to contribute to this monumental task. Prospective participants who meet the outlined criteria and successfully complete the assessment test will play an instrumental role in enhancing the accuracy of birth records in Nigeria, thereby benefiting individuals and the nation as a whole.

For those interested in learning more and initiating the application process, the official portal can be accessed through this link: Apply Now.

Source: BZ Global Service

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