Npower Payment News Today, November 18, 2023

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Npower Payment News Today, November 18, 2023

In a significant stride toward empowering the youth of Nigeria, the N-Power program, initiated by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2016, is poised to make headlines with the most recent updates on payment and recruitment.

Advancements in Payment:

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has officially declared the initiation of outstanding stipend payments to former N-Power beneficiaries, commencing this November. According to reliable sources, the disbursement will unfold progressively, bringing much-awaited relief to beneficiaries eagerly awaiting their due payments.

Registration Insights:

While the portal for the 2023 N-Power registration remains inaccessible, reports suggest a meticulous plan in progress. Minister Betta Edu is actively working on incorporating N-Power into the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme, with assurances of forthcoming updates on new recruitment following the settlement of pending payments.

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Suspension and the Tinubu Initiative:

The temporary suspension of the Npower portal login, situated at, is part of a larger restructuring initiative under the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP), spearheaded by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This adds an extra layer of curiosity to the evolving narrative.

Navigating Dashboard Challenges:

Beneficiaries encountering difficulties accessing their NPower dashboard are encouraged to exercise patience. The temporary portal suspension is a measure being taken, and communication regarding its reinstatement will be shared with Nigerians in due course.

Addressing Payment Hurdles:

Individuals grappling with NPower payment challenges can find solace in the assurance that the Ministry possesses comprehensive beneficiary details. The imminent disbursement of pending payments for all beneficiaries is on the horizon, offering a resolution to persistent concerns.

Clarification on Pending Payroll:

For Batch C Volunteers observing a “Pending” status on their payroll, take note – this signifies that your BVN has been validated, and payments are in progress. This validation serves as a crucial step in ensuring a seamless payment process.

Anticipated Payment Timeline:

While the exact disbursement date remains undisclosed, the Ministry has confirmed that N-Power beneficiaries can anticipate receiving their pending payments for nine months’ stipends between November 16 and November 30, 2023.

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Contact Information:

For further inquiries, the N-Power program can be contacted through the following channels:

Stay tuned for ongoing updates on this dynamic program shaping the future for Nigeria’s youth!

N-Power Program FAQ – Your Comprehensive Guide

1. What is the N-Power Program?

  • The N-Power program is an initiative by President Muhammadu Buhari, launched in June 2016, aimed at empowering Nigerian youths for prosperity by addressing issues of youth unemployment and enhancing social development.

2. Has N-Power started paying outstanding stipends?

  • Yes, the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has announced the commencement of paying outstanding stipends to former N-Power beneficiaries from November 2023.

3. Is the N-Power portal open for 2023 registration?

  • No, the portal for the 2023 N-Power registration is currently closed. Minister Betta Edu is working on integrating N-Power into the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme before announcing new recruitment.

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4. Why is the Npower portal currently suspended?

  • The portal is under suspension as part of the agenda to integrate N-Power into the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme. The timeline for reactivation will be communicated to the public.

5. How do I resolve N-Power payment failure?

  • Currently, dashboard login is suspended. The Ministry has the necessary details for beneficiaries with payment failure and will soon commence the disbursement of pending payments.

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6. Why is my NPower payroll showing pending?

  • If your N-Power Batch C payroll status shows “Pending,” it indicates that your BVN has been validated, and you will be paid. This step is crucial for ensuring a smooth payment process.

7. What are the anticipated payment dates for pending stipends?

  • While the exact disbursement day is undisclosed, beneficiaries can expect to receive pending payments for nine months’ stipends between November 20 and November 30, 2023.

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8. How can I contact N-Power for inquiries?

9. Is the N-Power program planning new recruitments?

  • The program is undergoing restructuring, and new recruitment plans will be communicated after the completion of pending payments to beneficiaries.

10. Where can I get the latest updates on N-Power?

  • Stay informed by checking official channels, including the N-Power portal ( and monitoring announcements from the Ministry. Additionally, watch out for official emails and communications.

This FAQ provides essential information about the N-Power program, addressing common questions and concerns. For the latest updates, refer to official channels and announcements from relevant authorities.

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