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NSCDC, NIS, and Fire Service 2024/2025 Recruitment Update – 18th March 2024

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NSCDC, NIS, and Fire Service 2024/2025 Recruitment Update - 18th March 2024

The recruitment landscape for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), and the Federal Fire Service (FFS) has been a topic of widespread speculation and interest. As of the 18th of March 2024, clarity has been sought amidst the swirling rumors and uncertainties surrounding these recruitment processes.


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Statement from the Board

In an official statement released by the Secretary to the Board, Mr. Ja’afaru Ahmed, on this significant date, crucial insights into the ongoing recruitment endeavors have been provided. While affirming the continuation of recruitment activities within the Federal Fire Service (FFS), Mr. Ahmed unequivocally refuted any claims of recruitment within the NSCDC or NIS as circulated on various social media platforms.

Dispelling Misinformation

With precision and authority, the Board of Immigration, Correctional, NSCDC, and Fire Service has taken a decisive stance against the proliferation of misinformation. Online publications alleging recruitment drives within the NSCDC and NIS have been deemed fictitious, urging the public to exercise discernment and disregard such unfounded claims.

Reassurance for Prospective Applicants

For individuals who have eagerly submitted their applications for positions within the Federal Fire Service (FFS), reassurance comes in the form of direct communication channels. Prospective applicants can rest assured that they will be duly notified via the contact information provided during the online registration process, ensuring transparency and fairness in the recruitment process.

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Warning Against Fraudulent Practices

Amidst the digital landscape teeming with fraudulent activities, the Board of Immigration, Correctional, NSCDC, and Fire Service issues a stern warning to the public. Vigilance is paramount in safeguarding against the nefarious schemes of fake recruitment syndicates and racketeers. Individuals are urged to exercise caution and discretion to avoid falling victim to such fraudulent practices.

Upholding Integrity and Accountability

At its core, the statement issued by the Board underscores a commitment to integrity and accountability. By debunking rumors and providing clarity on recruitment processes, the Board maintains transparency and upholds its duty to the public, ensuring that truth prevails in the face of uncertainty.


As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve, clarity and truth remain paramount. The statement released by the Board of Immigration, Correctional, NSCDC, and Fire Service on the 18th of March 2024 serves as a beacon of reliability amidst the sea of speculation. With unwavering integrity and a dedication to transparency, the Board navigates the recruitment journey, ensuring that prospective applicants are informed and empowered.

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