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NYSC Members Urge Federal Government to Increase Monthly Allowance Amid Rising Living Costs

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NYSC Members Urge Federal Government to Increase Monthly Allowance Amid Rising Living Costs

In a country where the cost of living continues to surge, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members are raising their voices in unison, urging the Federal Government to address their stagnant monthly allowance, which remains fixed at N33,000. Despite a recent hike in the national minimum wage to N65,000, these young graduates serving their nation find themselves grappling with financial hardships that have become increasingly difficult to bear.

The call for a review of NYSC allowances has gained momentum among the corps members, who argue that their financial well-being is at stake in an economy that presents growing challenges. As the nation celebrates the upward adjustment of the minimum wage for the broader workforce, these dedicated young graduates feel overlooked and are appealing for equitable treatment.

The Struggles of NYSC Members

Melekwe Anthony, a serving corps member in Ogun State, underlined the prevalent sentiment among his peers, stating, “With the cost of food, transportation, and other necessary expenses on the rise, most of us are struggling to make ends meet. Posting recent graduates far away from home to serve on meager allowances is disheartening.”

Aniete Essien in Rivers State echoed the sentiment, emphasizing, “After the minimum wage increase, we were hoping for an increase in our monthly allowance. It’s disheartening that the Federal Government hasn’t considered our situation. Corps members across Nigeria are suffering, primarily due to the country’s inflation.”

Gabriel, another corps member, initially had high hopes when the minimum wage was raised but expressed disappointment, saying, “My message to the Federal Government is that they should fulfill their promises. This will help increase our trust in them.”

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The Harsh Reality of Financial Strain

The rising cost of food, transportation, and other daily necessities has placed many NYSC members in a precarious financial position. Saving for the future or covering basic living expenses has become a monumental challenge.

Nnanna, who has served for six months in Rivers State, emphasized, “The N33,000 allowance is insufficient to provide our daily needs. We spend a significant portion of it on transportation to our Places of Primary Assignment (PPAs).”

Amos, a corps member in Anambra State, argued that the N33,000 allowance is no longer sufficient, particularly in light of recent inflation. “To fill a 6kg gas cylinder now costs N6,000, and the cost of transportation and food has skyrocketed. If maintaining the NYSC program is this challenging, they should consider alternatives.”

Daniel reiterated that NYSC members are part of the Federal Government workforce and should be entitled to the same benefits as other workers, especially after the minimum wage increment.

Seeking a Way Forward

While most corps members strongly advocate for an increase in their allowances to alleviate their financial burdens, Mercy offers an alternative perspective. She suggests that the solution should focus on reducing the overall cost of living to make it more affordable for everyone.

In conclusion, the outcry from National Youth Service Corps members is a call to action. They earnestly appeal to the Federal Government to reconsider their monthly allowance in light of the economic challenges they face. The stagnant allowance, set against the backdrop of rising living costs, is causing significant hardships for these young graduates serving their nation. Whether through an increase in allowances or addressing the broader issue of the cost of living, it is clear that action is needed to support the well-being of the country’s future leaders. As the nation progresses, it is essential to ensure that those who serve it are not left behind in the wake of economic changes.

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