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Arewa Group Explores Reasons Behind Tinubu’s Nomination of Matawalle as Minister

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Arewa Group Explores Reasons Behind Tinubu's Nomination of Matawalle as Minister

In a move that underscores his commitment to fostering an all-encompassing government, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s nomination of former Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle, as Minister has drawn applause from the North-Central Asiwaju Support Group. The group, in a statement issued by its National Chairman, Abba Rios Lawal, hailed the decision as a strategic step towards achieving an inclusive administration that transcends regional boundaries.

Acknowledging a Display of Wisdom and Foresight

Matawalle’s nomination, originating from a region distinct from his own, serves as a testament to President Tinubu’s statesmanship and vision. The North-Central Asiwaju Support Group highlighted the magnanimity of Matawalle’s support during the electoral campaign, despite his own South-Western focus. The group emphasized that this selection goes beyond tokenism; it symbolizes the convergence of diverse perspectives to propel the nation forward.

Unity Beyond Boundaries

President Tinubu’s decision to tap into talent beyond traditional geographical and political lines resonates with the principles of unity and shared governance. The nomination of Matawalle, whose experience spans a different region, speaks volumes about the President’s commitment to harnessing talents from various corners of the nation. This sends a powerful message of national cohesion and integration, promoting a sense of belonging for all citizens.

Strategic Implications for the APC

The North-Central Asiwaju Support Group’s commendation also extends to the new National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. This elevation is seen as a testament to President Tinubu’s unwavering dedication to his promises and principles. The group’s intention to pay a courtesy call on the new National Chairman not only signifies their solidarity but also underscores their commitment to the party’s values of inclusiveness and unity.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s nomination of Bello Matawalle as Minister is a compelling example of his vision for an inclusive government that transcends regional confines. The North-Central Asiwaju Support Group’s endorsement of this move reflects their appreciation for the President’s wisdom and strategic thinking. As the nation moves forward under President Tinubu’s leadership, the nomination of Matawalle stands as a beacon of hope for a united and harmonious Nigeria, where diversity is embraced as a source of strength.

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