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Beware: Kaduna Electric Warns Customers Against Giving Money to Staff! Secure Payments through Authorized Channels Only

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Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KAEDCO Issues Warning To Customers About Cash Payments)

Kaduna Electric, a leading electricity distribution company in Nigeria, has issued a stern warning to its customers regarding unauthorized payments to staff members. In an effort to ensure the safety and transparency of financial transactions, the company emphasizes the exclusive use of approved payment methods. By adhering to these guidelines, customers can avoid potential scams and maintain the integrity of their financial transactions with Kaduna Electric.


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DO NOT Give Money To Any of Our Staff! Kaduna Electric Urges Customers to Utilize Authorized Payment Channels for Safe and Secure Transactions

Kaduna Electric, one of Nigeria’s prominent electricity distribution companies, has issued a crucial advisory to its esteemed customers, cautioning them against making payments to any staff members. To enhance transparency, protect customers from potential scams, and maintain the integrity of financial transactions, the company has established a set of authorized payment methods.

Amid the rapid digitization of financial services, Kaduna Electric has embraced modern payment platforms to provide its customers with convenient and secure options. The company emphasizes the use of authorized channels to pay electricity bills, loss of revenue, and other charges. By strictly adhering to these guidelines, customers can protect themselves against potential fraud and ensure the safe transfer of funds.

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The approved payment channels include:

  1. Payment At Our Cash Centres or Approved Merchants:
    Customers can visit Kaduna Electric’s designated cash centers or authorized merchants to make in-person payments. These centers have been carefully selected and trained by the company to ensure customer satisfaction and the safety of their financial transactions.
  2. KE-Core App:
    Kaduna Electric offers its official KE-Core mobile application, available for download from the App Store. This user-friendly app enables customers to conveniently pay their bills, monitor energy consumption, report faults, and access various other services.
  3. Kaduna Electric Website:
    Customers can access the official Kaduna Electric website at This platform provides a seamless online payment experience, where customers can securely settle their bills and charges.
  4. Buypower App:
    The Buypower app, available for download from the Google Play Store or App Store, offers customers an additional reliable avenue to make payments to Kaduna Electric. With this user-friendly app, customers can conveniently manage their electricity bills and carry out secure transactions.
  5. Irecharge App:
    The Irecharge app, also available for download from the App Store, presents another authorized means to pay bills and charges to Kaduna Electric. By utilizing this app, customers can ensure secure transactions while enjoying the ease of mobile payments.
    Customers can visit the official Pay4Power website to make authorized payments to Kaduna Electric. This online platform guarantees secure transactions and provides a user-friendly interface for bill settlements.
  7. Raubam POS:
    Raubam Point of Sale (POS) terminals are authorized by Kaduna Electric to accept payments on behalf of the company. Customers can confidently use this payment method, ensuring the secure transfer of funds.
  8. Coral Pay:
    Coral Pay, an approved payment channel, allows customers to make secure transactions with Kaduna Electric. By utilizing this platform, customers can conveniently settle their bills, eliminating the need for cash payments.

Kaduna Electric prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of its customers by strictly advising against making payments to staff members. By following the authorized payment methods mentioned above, customers can ensure secure transactions, protect themselves from potential scams, and contribute to maintaining the integrity of their financial interactions with Kaduna Electric. Embrace the convenience and security of these approved channels, and remember: DO NOT Give Money To Any of Our Staff!

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