Borno State Governor Zulum’s Midnight Visit to Gwoza Hospital Reveals Shocking Conditions

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Borno State Governor Zulum's Midnight Visit to Gwoza Hospital Reveals Shocking Conditions

In a surprising turn of events, Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, paid a midnight visit to the General Hospital in Gwoza town and was appalled by the dire conditions he witnessed. The governor, known for his habit of conducting surprise visits to hospitals and schools, was deeply dismayed by the lack of electricity and other critical amenities at the healthcare facility.

Governor Zulum, who was on a one-day working visit to Gwoza, spent the night in the town to gain firsthand insight into the challenges faced by the local community. Determined to experience the reality faced by the people, he embarked on a late-night inspection of the hospital, meticulously assessing its functionality and facilities.

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The visit left Governor Zulum profoundly disappointed. “It is unacceptable that a critical healthcare facility like Gwoza General Hospital is deprived of basic amenities such as electricity,” expressed the governor in anger. He emphasized how this situation compromised the quality of care provided to patients and hindered the efforts of dedicated healthcare professionals.

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Acknowledging his own responsibility in addressing this issue, Governor Zulum stressed that the purpose of his visit was not to assign blame but to find practical solutions. Expressing remorse, he stated, “We have all failed to provide what is needed. However, I want to assure you that, insha’Allah, we will fix this. We will make the working environment here better than it is now.”



Taking immediate action, Governor Zulum ordered the commencement of rehabilitation works at Gwoza General Hospital, with a priority focus on restoring electricity. These measures aim to transform the dilapidated conditions and uplift the overall healthcare provision in the facility.

Despite the dismal state of the hospital, Governor Zulum expressed his admiration for the medical staff who demonstrated unwavering dedication in the face of immense challenges. Recognizing their commitment, he announced a reward for their hard work and perseverance.

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As news of the governor’s midnight visit spreads, citizens and stakeholders are expressing their support for immediate action to rectify the deficiencies in Gwoza General Hospital. The incident has also ignited discussions on the broader issues surrounding healthcare infrastructure and service delivery in the region.

Governor Zulum’s determination to confront these challenges head-on and ensure a better working environment for both patients and healthcare professionals is gaining attention and generating hope for positive change in Borno State’s healthcare system.

Source: PM News Nigeria

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