BREAKING: Abuja-Kaduna Train Manager Arrested Following Leaked Memo About Potential Terror Threat

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BREAKING: Abuja-Kaduna Train Manager Arrested Following Leaked Memo About Potential Terror Threat

In a startling development, Pascal Nnorli, the Train Manager of the Abuja-Kaduna railway line, has been apprehended by the Department of State Services (DSS) after a confidential memo he authored warning of a potential terror attack on the rail route was leaked to the public. The arrest comes as a significant blow to the transportation sector’s security concerns, as the memo had raised alarm bells about the safety of passengers traveling on the popular route.

The leaked memo, which was reportedly circulated widely on social media platforms before being taken down, outlined specific intelligence regarding a possible terror attack targeting the Abuja-Kaduna railway line. Nnorli, who had drafted the memo in a bid to raise awareness within the relevant authorities, allegedly did not anticipate it would be made public.

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Authorities have yet to confirm the veracity of the memo’s claims, but the incident has triggered heightened security measures along the railway line, causing disruptions to train schedules and raising concerns among passengers. The Abuja-Kaduna rail corridor is a crucial transportation route, serving thousands of commuters daily, making security on this route of paramount importance.

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The arrest of Nnorli has sparked debates about the balance between transparency and security within the transportation sector. While some argue that Nnorli’s intentions were noble and aimed at ensuring the safety of passengers, others contend that leaking such sensitive information could potentially aid malicious actors in carrying out their sinister plans.


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In response to the incident, the DSS released a statement emphasizing their commitment to national security and expressing their dedication to investigating the matter thoroughly. The authorities are also urging citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals.

The situation has also drawn attention to the broader challenges faced by transport officials in maintaining the safety and security of critical infrastructure, particularly in the face of evolving security threats. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for robust security protocols and effective communication channels to prevent potential dangers and ensure passenger safety.

As investigations continue, the implications of Nnorli’s arrest and the leak of the memo remain to be seen. The incident underscores the delicate balance between safeguarding national security and maintaining open communication within the transportation sector. Passengers and stakeholders alike await further updates on the situation, hoping for swift and effective resolutions to ensure the safety of all those who rely on the Abuja-Kaduna railway.

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