Breaking News: TapSwap Postpones Launch of TAPS Coin Due to Bot Activity

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Breaking News: TapSwap Postpones Launch of TAPS Coin Due to Bot Activity

In a crucial announcement, TapSwap revealed that the launch of its highly anticipated TAPS coin had been postponed. This decision stems from the discovery of numerous bots that have unfairly accumulated excessive Shares. To ensure a fair and transparent distribution of tokens, TapSwap is taking decisive measures to eliminate these bots and maintain the integrity of its platform.

Upholding Fair Play: Tackling Bot Activity

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TapSwap is dedicated to providing a fair environment for all its users. The detection of bots acquiring unrealistic amounts of Shares undermines this principle. To rectify this, TapSwap is identifying and banning these malicious entities, safeguarding the interests of genuine participants who have legitimately earned their Shares. This commitment to fairness is a testament to the platform’s dedication to equitable token distribution.

Opportunities for New and Existing Users

The delayed launch offers a golden opportunity for both new and existing users. Newcomers now have additional time to accumulate Shares, potentially boosting their standing within the TapSwap ecosystem. Early adopters, on the other hand, might see their influence and rewards increase as the platform strives for a more balanced token allocation.



Upcoming Blockchain Information

The TapSwap team has promised to release more detailed information about its blockchain technology soon. This forthcoming update is highly anticipated by the community, as it will shed light on the technical intricacies and future developments of the platform.

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Ensuring a Secure and Equitable Future

TapSwap’s decision to delay the launch underscores its commitment to a secure, fair, and transparent environment. By addressing the issue of bot activity proactively, TapSwap is taking vital steps to protect the interests of its community and ensure a just distribution of rewards.

Stay Updated with TapSwap

As the new launch date approaches, users are encouraged to stay informed through TapSwap’s updates. The team’s focus on transparency and fairness promises a rewarding experience for all participants.


TapSwap’s postponement of the TAPS coin launch is a critical step towards ensuring fairness in token distribution. By addressing bot activity and reinforcing their commitment to an equitable platform, TapSwap is setting the stage for a more secure and just token ecosystem. Keep an eye out for further updates as the platform continues to evolve and enhance its offerings for the community.

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