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CBN Rates – Dollar to Naira Today 18th May 2024

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CBN Rates - Dollar to Naira Today 18th May 2024

Understanding the CBN Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) plays a crucial role in stabilizing the Nigerian economy by regulating the exchange rate between the Naira (NGN) and the US Dollar (USD). As of today, 18th May 2024, the official exchange rate stands at ₦753.45 to $1. This rate reflects the economic dynamics and policies implemented by the CBN to manage inflation, control liquidity, and foster economic growth.

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Factors Influencing the Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

Several factors influence the CBN Dollar to Naira rate, including:

1. Oil Prices and Revenue

Nigeria’s economy heavily depends on oil exports. Fluctuations in global oil prices directly impact the nation’s foreign exchange reserves and, consequently, the exchange rate. A rise in oil prices generally strengthens the Naira, while a drop can devalue it.

2. Foreign Reserves

The level of Nigeria’s foreign reserves, largely composed of oil revenue, affects the CBN’s ability to support the Naira. Higher reserves provide a buffer against economic shocks and help stabilize the exchange rate.



3. Inflation Rates

Inflation erodes the purchasing power of the Naira. To combat high inflation, the CBN may adopt tighter monetary policies, including adjusting interest rates, which in turn influences the exchange rate.

4. Import and Export Balance

The balance of trade impacts the supply and demand for foreign currency. A trade deficit (more imports than exports) increases demand for foreign currency, weakening the Naira.

5. Economic Policies

Government policies on trade, taxation, and foreign investments can either strengthen or weaken the Naira. Pro-business policies tend to attract foreign investments, boosting the Naira’s value.

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CBN’s Strategies to Maintain Exchange Rate Stability

The CBN employs several strategies to maintain exchange rate stability:

1. Forex Market Interventions

The CBN periodically intervenes in the foreign exchange market to stabilize the Naira by supplying or withdrawing USD from the market.

2. Monetary Policy Adjustments

Through the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the CBN adjusts interest rates and other monetary tools to control liquidity and inflation, indirectly influencing the exchange rate.

3. Promoting Non-Oil Exports

To reduce dependence on oil revenue, the CBN promotes diversification by encouraging non-oil exports. This strategy helps balance foreign exchange earnings and stabilizes the Naira.

4. Encouraging Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

By creating a favorable business environment, the CBN attracts FDIs, which provide a steady inflow of foreign currency, supporting the Naira.

Impact of Exchange Rate on the Nigerian Economy

1. Inflation Control

A stable exchange rate helps control inflation by ensuring predictable import prices. This stability is crucial for planning and investment in the economy.

2. Economic Growth

A favorable exchange rate environment encourages foreign investments and boosts economic growth by providing businesses with the confidence to expand operations.

3. Consumer Confidence

When the Naira is stable, consumer confidence increases as people can better plan their expenditures without fearing sudden devaluation.

The Future Outlook of the Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

The future of the CBN Dollar to Naira rate depends on various factors, including global economic conditions, domestic economic policies, and geopolitical stability. With ongoing efforts to diversify the economy and improve the business environment, the CBN aims to achieve a more stable and sustainable exchange rate.

1. Diversification of the Economy

Efforts to diversify the economy by boosting sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and technology are expected to reduce reliance on oil, leading to a more stable Naira.

2. Enhanced Forex Reserves Management

Effective management of forex reserves will provide the CBN with the necessary tools to defend the Naira against market volatility.

3. Strengthening Institutional Frameworks

Improving institutional frameworks to support economic policies will ensure a more predictable and stable economic environment, which is conducive to a stable exchange rate.


The CBN Dollar to Naira rate is a critical indicator of Nigeria’s economic health. As of 18th May 2024, the rate stands at ₦753.45 to $1. By understanding the factors that influence this rate and the strategies employed by the CBN, stakeholders can make informed decisions. The future outlook, driven by diversification and effective policy implementation, promises a more stable and robust Naira.

For comprehensive updates and insights on the exchange rate and economic policies, staying informed through reliable sources is essential.

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