Controversy Arises as Peter Obi’s Phone Allegedly Stolen at Nigerian Court – Video Goes Viral

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Controversy Arises as Peter Obi's Phone Allegedly Stolen at Nigerian Court - Video Goes Viral

In a recent video that has taken social media by storm, Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, was caught in an unexpected and concerning situation at a Nigerian court. The video, which has now gone viral, shows the politician in an unbalanced state as he reveals that his phone was stolen by an unidentified individual or group within the premises of the court.

The video, originally shared on Twitter by Instablog9ja, captures the tense moment when Peter Obi realizes that his phone is missing. He can be seen searching for his belongings and informing his running mate, Datti Baba Ahmed, that he had left them at a specific location. The footage also shows other people present at the court inquiring about the phone’s location, hoping to aid in the search.

As of now, Peter Obi has not been able to recover his stolen phone, leaving him and his team grappling with the incident. Numerous Nigerians have taken to social media to express their opinions on the matter, with some sympathizing with the politician’s plight, while others question the security measures at the court premises.

The incident has sparked widespread reactions among netizens, who have been sharing the video across various platforms, making it a trending topic online. The situation has also raised concerns about security at public gatherings and highlighted the vulnerability of public figures to such incidents.

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While the true motive behind the alleged theft remains unclear, the incident has undoubtedly put a spotlight on the need for enhanced security measures at public events, especially those involving high-profile personalities. The video serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of their status, can fall victim to theft and security breaches.

As the story continues to unfold, many Nigerians eagerly await updates on the investigation into the stolen phone incident. Until then, the video continues to generate discussions and reactions from netizens across the country.

Watch the video below;

Source link: IntelRegion

Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed Appear at Presidential Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja

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