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Current Petrol Prices in Nigeria – May 17, 2024

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Current Petrol Prices in Nigeria - May 17, 2024

Nigeria is currently experiencing a significant hike in petrol prices, reaching N620 per litre as of May 17th, 2024. This surge has considerably impacted the nation, affecting everything from transportation costs to the overall economy.


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Current Petrol Price in Nigeria

As of today, the petrol price in Nigeria is sold at N620 per litre, according to the Petrol Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA). The price is used across all 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

Understanding the Reasons Behind the Surge

Several factors are contributing to the high cost of petrol in Nigeria:

1. Petrol Subsidy Removal: The federal government’s decision to remove the petrol subsidies in the country in 2023 has led to significant price hiking, sparking many controversies among the citizens.



  2.  Global Crude Oil Prices: Nigeria is among the countries importing refined petroleum products, making it vulnerable to international marketing fluctuations.

3. Exchange Rates: The rising of the US dollar against the Naira has contributed to higher import costs, which led to a significant increase in fuel prices.
4. Local Refining Capacity: Nigeria’s refineries operate below capacity, having a small number of refineries, the biggest reason the country relies on importation, causing them to be more expensive.

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The Ripple Effects of High Petrol Prices

The high cost of petrol has far-reaching consequences for Nigeria:

Inflation: Petrol prices in Nigeria affect the cost of transportation, leading to an increase in the prices of commodities and other goods and services that rely on transportation.

Unemployment:  The high petrol price can also lead to losing jobs due to transportation and manufacturing costs.

Economic Hardship: High fuel prices can also lead to economic hardship, causing low-income areas with different areas,  including households, commuters, and small businesses.

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Looking for Solutions

To navigate this challenge, Nigeria can explore various solutions:

1. Diversify the Economy: Nigeria must reduce the reliance on oil imports and promote local refineries like Dangote Refineries, and PH Refineries, and also put more effort into reviving the dead refineries and alternative energy sources.

2. Investment into Infrastructure:  The federal government and stakeholders must work hard to upgrade the dead refineries, pipelines, and transportation networks to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

3. Fuel Subsidy Reform: The federal government must implement a target to support low-income households and essential industries.

4. Transparency and Accountability Enhancement: The federal government and stakeholders must ensure the price adjustment across the country is transparent, and justified to prevent price corruption.

5. Promoting Alternative Transportation: The country must ensure investment in public transportation systems, non-motorized transportation options, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure to reduce reliance on petrol.


The petrol price in Nigeria has become the biggest issue affecting the citizens, influenced by local and global factors. As Nigeria’s economy is experiencing the energy landscape,  it is advisable to focus on the solutions to the petrol prices affecting the citizens and the economy.

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