Davido Faces Backlash Over ‘Offensive’ Music Video Depicting Islamic Prayer

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Afrobeats sensation David Adeleke, known by his stage name Davido, has recently come under fire on social media due to a music video he posted on Twitter. The video, which features a group of men dressed in white ‘jalamiya’ engaging in Islamic prayer before transitioning into a dance routine, has been criticized by some of his followers for being disrespectful to the Islamic faith. The controversial video has sparked outrage, with netizens expressing their disappointment and calling for Davido to show more sensitivity towards religious practices.


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The Offending Video and Social Media Backlash:

In the now-deleted tweet accompanying the video, Davido introduced @logosori and his new single “Jaye Lo,” encouraging his followers to support the release. However, what followed in the video left many Muslims feeling offended and disrespected. The sight of individuals praying, a sacred act in Islam, juxtaposed with dancing was perceived as inappropriate and trivializing a religious practice that holds significant reverence among Muslims.

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Prominent Figures and Followers React:
The video elicited strong reactions from both prominent figures and the general public. Bashir Ahmad, a former aide to ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, condemned the content for disrespecting the sacred nature of Salah (prayer), one of the five pillars of Islam. He expressed that mixing religious practices with humor was unacceptable to the Muslim community.

Twitter users such as @Abdul_a_Bello expressed their disappointment, stating that incorporating Islamic religious practice into entertainment content was offensive and uncalled for. @the_scholar1 demanded that Davido take down the video and show respect for the Muslim community, highlighting the ignorance and disrespect displayed in the music video.

Calls for Respect and Understanding:
The incident has reignited conversations about the need for cultural and religious sensitivity in the entertainment industry. Many Twitter users urged artists to be more mindful of their content and its potential impact on various religious communities, emphasizing that humor should not be at the expense of religious beliefs.

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Davido’s music video depicting Islamic prayer followed by dancing has caused uproar on social media, with many users expressing their disappointment and concern over the lack of respect shown to the Muslim community. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of cultural understanding and sensitivity in the entertainment world, prompting discussions about the responsible use of religious themes in artistic expressions. As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Davido and other artists will respond to the calls for greater awareness and respect for religious practices.

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