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Federal Government Approves N25,000 Peculiar Allowance for Doctors Amid Ongoing Strike

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Federal Government Approves N25,000 Peculiar Allowance for Doctors Amid Ongoing Strike

In response to the ongoing indefinite strike initiated by the National Association of Resident Doctors, the Federal Government has taken a significant step by approving a N25,000 peculiar allowance for medical and dental doctors serving in hospitals, medical centers, and clinics across the federal public service. This development aims to address the doctors’ demands and improve the working conditions of healthcare professionals in the country.

The groundbreaking decision was officially announced by Ekpo Nta, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the national salary and wages commission. According to the statement released by Nta, the approved allowance will be disbursed from the overhead budget, demonstrating the government’s commitment to meeting the legitimate needs of its dedicated medical personnel.

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Additionally, in an effort to address other crucial demands raised by the striking doctors, the government has issued several circulars. One of the prominent circulars pertains to the “Review of CONMESS” (Consolidated Medical Salary Structure), which incorporates a twenty-five percent increment for CONMESS grades one to six (1-6) and an even more substantial thirty-five percent increase for CONMESS grade seven (7). This move seeks to bolster the salaries of medical practitioners and bridge the gap between various levels in the healthcare system.

Furthermore, the circular on the “Review of CONHESS” (Consolidated Health Salary Structure) indicates a twenty-five percent raise for CONHESS grades one to fourteen (1-14) and a thirty-five percent hike for CONHESS grade fifteen (15). The revision of this salary structure intends to benefit healthcare workers at different levels, encouraging them to continue providing their invaluable services to the nation.

Another significant step taken by the government involves the issuance of a circular on “Hazard Allowance” for doctors who serve outside hospitals. This circular is expected to address concerns regarding compensation and recognition for doctors working in diverse and challenging environments, ensuring fair remuneration for their essential efforts in extending medical services beyond traditional healthcare facilities.

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The approval of the N25,000 peculiar allowance and the corresponding circulars marks a positive step towards resolving the ongoing strike and fostering a conducive environment for the delivery of quality healthcare services in the country. The Federal Government’s willingness to engage in dialogue and address the demands of the striking doctors signifies a commitment to the well-being of healthcare professionals and, by extension, the overall health of the nation’s populace.

As the government and the National Association of Resident Doctors work together to implement these changes, there is hope for a constructive resolution that will ultimately benefit both medical practitioners and the patients they serve. With these measures in place, it is anticipated that the healthcare sector will witness improvements, leading to a healthier and more prosperous society for all Nigerians.

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