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Federal Government to Commence Distribution of Fuel Subsidy Palliatives, Pledges GPS Technology Integration for Efficient Delivery

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Federal Government to Commence Distribution of Fuel Subsidy Palliatives, Pledges GPS Technology Integration for Efficient Delivery

In a significant stride towards poverty alleviation, the Federal Government has unveiled plans to deploy cutting-edge technology to distribute fuel subsidy palliatives and other essential items to citizens across Nigeria. The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, highlighted this visionary approach during a recent interview with ARISE NEWS. The initiative aims to eradicate poverty through strategic collaboration with the private sector and development partners.

The minister emphasized the need to revamp distribution logistics, drawing parallels with successful healthcare programs that employed door-to-door services. Ms. Edu stressed that the traditional approach of recipients converging at centralized locations to collect palliatives is inefficient. Instead, the proposed strategy revolves around refining logistics to ensure doorstep delivery, enabling beneficiaries to acknowledge receipt using the integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. This innovative utilization of GPS ensures precise and accountable distribution, transcending the conventional constraints of house numbering.

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Underpinning this groundbreaking endeavor is the commitment to establish a comprehensive database by verifying the social register of Nigerians. The creation of an accessible and accurate database is poised to enhance transparency and accountability, enabling Nigerians to hold the government accountable for its poverty eradication goals. The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs further reiterated that the overarching objective is to prevent any Nigerian from living in poverty, a vision championed by President Bola Tinubu.

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To translate this vision into reality, the government is slated to engage in consultations with key stakeholders within the next two to three weeks. These deliberations will culminate in determining precise figures to allocate for each individual or family within the poverty alleviation project. The minister underscored the significance of context-specific implementation, aligning with President Tinubu’s meticulously crafted action plan. As part of this process, the existing social register will be subjected to rigorous verification and updates. Individuals who no longer meet the specified criteria will be removed from the register to ensure that aid reaches those truly in need.



This momentous initiative not only signifies the government’s resolve to combat poverty but also underscores its willingness to leverage technology for the greater welfare of its citizens. The integration of GPS technology into distribution networks stands as a testament to Nigeria’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and equitable progress.

Source: Daily Nigerian

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