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Federal Government Warns of Imminent Flooding in Frontline States Following Opening of Cameroon Dam

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Residents Urged to Take Precautions as Lagdo Dam Release May Lead to Flooding

Federal Government Warns of Imminent Flooding in Frontline States Following Opening of Cameroon Dam

In a significant development, the Federal Government has issued a stern warning about the potential for flooding in the frontline states adjacent to the River Benue. This alarming announcement comes as a result of the recent opening of the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon, which is anticipated to have far-reaching consequences on the region’s water levels. The warning was delivered by Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, during a briefing held in Abuja, organized by the Presidential Committee headed by President Bola Tinubu.

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The impending threat of flooding has prompted the establishment of a specialized committee aimed at implementing strategic policies and rescue operations to counteract the anticipated impacts of the floodwaters resulting from the Lagdo Dam release. The committee’s formation was directed by President Bola Tinubu, who responded promptly to the pressing issue following its discussion during a Federal Executive Council meeting.

The Lagdo Dam’s recent opening in Cameroon has raised concerns over the likelihood of heightened water levels along the River Benue, thus posing a significant risk to the nearby states in Nigeria. Historically, flooding has been a recurrent challenge in the region, leading to devastating loss of both lives and property. To address this impending crisis, the Federal Government has mandated a comprehensive preparedness plan to minimize the potential damages of the impending flood.

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Key strategies highlighted by Dr. Betta Edu include the urgent need for states to prioritize the cleaning of drainages and removal of blockages to ensure smooth water flow. Moreover, comprehensive public awareness and sensitization campaigns are deemed crucial to educate residents about the imminent danger and the essential precautions they should undertake. In light of the impending flood threat, residents residing in vulnerable areas are strongly advised to consider relocating to safer locations, with the Federal Government emphasizing the importance of proactive measures to avert avoidable casualties and property loss.

This unprecedented situation requires close collaboration between federal and state authorities, as well as the cooperation of local communities to ensure the successful implementation of flood prevention and mitigation measures. By taking immediate and decisive action, it is hoped that the impact of the Lagdo Dam’s release can be minimized, averting a potential disaster.

As the countdown to the anticipated floodwaters begins, concerned individuals, communities, and relevant authorities are urged to stay informed, vigilant, and proactive in safeguarding lives and property. The Federal Government’s commitment to addressing this critical issue serves as a reminder that collective efforts and preparedness are crucial in mitigating the consequences of natural disasters.

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