FG Announces Date to Open NELFUND Student Loan Portal

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FG Announces Date to Open NELFUND Student Loan Portal

The Federal Government of Nigeria has taken a momentous step towards enhancing educational opportunities for students nationwide. As of May 24, 2024, students will have the ability to apply for loans aimed at advancing their educational pursuits through the newly launched Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) portal. This initiative, spearheaded by NELFUND’s Managing Director, Akintunde Sawyer, is set to provide financial support to approximately 1.2 million students, facilitating their access to higher education and easing the burden of educational expenses.

The NELFUND initiative underscores the government’s commitment to making education accessible to all. By offering loans that cover tuition fees and providing additional stipends, the program ensures that financial constraints do not hinder students’ academic aspirations. This comprehensive support system is designed to empower students, enabling them to focus on their studies and achieve their full potential.

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The funds from the NELFUND loans will be paid directly to the tertiary institutions where the students are enrolled. This direct payment method ensures that the financial resources are used appropriately and reduces the risk of mismanagement. In addition to covering tuition fees, students will receive stipends directly, providing them with the necessary financial support for their daily needs, thereby alleviating some of the economic pressures associated with higher education.

The NELFUND portal is designed with a user-friendly interface to facilitate a seamless application process for students. By visiting, eligible students can submit their loan applications conveniently from anywhere in the country. This digital approach not only streamlines the application process but also ensures that the system is accessible to a wider audience.

To apply for the NELFUND loans, students need to provide specific information and documents. The necessary details include:


  • Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) number
  • Date of birth
  • National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Confirmed admission to a specific institution for a specific course
  • Admission confirmation letters for new students
  • Matriculation details for current students

These requirements ensure that only eligible students who are committed to their educational goals receive the financial support they need.

This initiative aligns with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision of fostering an inclusive and accessible educational system. By providing financial assistance to students from diverse backgrounds, the government aims to reduce educational disparities and promote equality. This initiative is particularly beneficial for students from low-income families who may otherwise struggle to afford higher education.

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In addition to the NELFUND loans for academic purposes, there are ongoing discussions to expand the scope of student loans to include skill development programs. This expansion will further enhance the employability of graduates, equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in the competitive job market.

The availability of educational loans is expected to significantly increase enrollment rates in tertiary institutions across Nigeria. By removing financial barriers, more students will be able to pursue higher education, leading to a more educated and skilled workforce. This, in turn, will contribute to the overall development and economic growth of the nation.

With financial worries alleviated, students can focus more on their studies and strive for academic excellence. The stipends provided by NELFUND will support students in covering their living expenses, allowing them to devote more time and energy to their education. This supportive environment is conducive to higher academic achievements and better overall educational outcomes.

The launch of the NELFUND portal marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s educational landscape. By providing financial support to 1.2 million students, the government is taking a bold step towards ensuring that education is accessible to all, regardless of their financial background. This initiative not only supports students in their academic pursuits but also contributes to the nation’s development by fostering a more educated and skilled population.

For students across Nigeria, the opportunity to apply for educational loans through the NELFUND portal is a game-changer, opening doors to a brighter future. We encourage all eligible students to take advantage of this remarkable opportunity and invest in their education and future.

Source: PM Nigeria

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