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Former Governor Slams N30,000 Minimum Wage, Reveals Shocking Salary of His Cleaners

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Former Governor Slams N30,000 Minimum Wage, Reveals Shocking Salary of His Cleaners

In a recent interview with Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, former Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has expressed his strong disapproval of the N30,000 monthly minimum wage, branding it a “criminal wage.” Oshiomhole went on to reveal the astonishing salary of his domestic cleaner, which has ignited a debate over minimum wage policies in Nigeria.

In a candid interview with Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, former Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, took a hard stance against Nigeria’s N30,000 monthly minimum wage, deeming it woefully inadequate and unjust. Oshiomhole pulled no punches, labeling the wage as a “criminal wage” that does little to meet the basic needs of workers.

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Drawing from his own personal experiences, Oshiomhole unveiled the remarkable salary he pays his domestic cleaner, leaving many stunned and questioning the prevailing wage structure. While sharing the details, he stated, “If I have chosen to employ a cleaner and chosen not to clean the house by myself, that is the least I thought I could pay.”

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The revelation sparked conversations on social media, with netizens expressing both shock and admiration for Oshiomhole’s decision. His cleaner, who possesses only a primary school education and lacks a school leaving certificate, receives a staggering N60,000 per month. This surprising compensation highlights Oshiomhole’s commitment to ensuring fair wages and treating employees with dignity.



Critics argue that such a vast difference between the minimum wage and the salary paid by Oshiomhole raises pertinent questions about income inequality and the standard of living for the working class. The N30,000 minimum wage, when exchanged at the current rate, pales in comparison to the value it held when initially introduced during the Shagari government.

Oshiomhole further emphasized that private-sector employers, driven by their sense of responsibility, often offer better remuneration than the government. He firmly stated, “The average responsible private-sector employee is a better employee than the Federal Government or state government.”

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As the debate intensifies, experts and policymakers are contemplating the implications of such disparities in wages. Advocates argue that a living wage is essential to uplift the Nigerian workforce and ensure a higher quality of life for employees and their families.

While Oshiomhole’s actions are commendable, some argue that addressing income inequality requires broader systemic changes. Calls for a comprehensive review of the minimum wage policy have grown louder, with demands for a wage that truly reflects the current economic realities.

Adams Oshiomhole’s critique of the N30,000 minimum wage and the revelation of his domestic cleaner’s impressive salary have ignited a national debate. The stark contrast between the minimum wage and the private-sector salary raises vital questions about income disparity and the well-being of the working class. As the discourse continues, policymakers face mounting pressure to address these concerns and ensure a more equitable wage structure for Nigerian workers.

Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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