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Google Partners with Verve to Enable Seamless Naira Transactions on Google Play Store for Nigerians

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Google Partners with Verve to Enable Seamless Naira Transactions on Google Play Store for Nigerians

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Google has joined forces with Verve, the leading payment card brand in Nigeria, to revolutionize digital transactions on the Google Play Store for Nigerian users. As of today, Nigerians will enjoy the ease and convenience of using their Verve cards for purchases on the Google Play Store, a move aimed at promoting financial inclusion and expanding access to the app economy in the country.

Under this new partnership, Google will process Verve card transactions within Nigeria, allowing users to make purchases in naira, the local currency. This means that the transactions will be treated as local transactions by Nigerian banking institutions, streamlining the payment process and fostering a seamless experience for customers.

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The Head of Retail and Payment Partnerships at Google Play, Anthea Crawford, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Verve, expanding Google Play access for more Nigerians. The introduction of local payments with Verve cards is a significant milestone, enabling more Nigerians to participate in the app economy and access the apps they need.”

This strategic alliance marks a significant stride towards achieving Verve’s vision of promoting financial inclusion in Nigeria. Vincent Ogbunude, the Managing Director of Verve International, highlighted the impact of this integration with Google Play, saying, “We are excited to bring digital content and services closer to Verve cardholders, hence bridging the digital divide.”

With this development, Nigerian users will no longer face the hurdles of using international cards or currency conversions to access their favorite apps and digital content on the Google Play Store. Instead, they can make seamless transactions directly in naira, promoting a smoother and more efficient experience for customers across the country.



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The partnership between Google and Verve holds the potential to significantly boost the digital economy in Nigeria, unlocking new opportunities for app developers, content creators, and consumers alike. By embracing local payments, Google is empowering more Nigerians to fully participate in the global digital landscape.

As the app ecosystem continues to grow and transform, collaborations like this one between Google and Verve serve as a model for fostering innovation and financial inclusivity in emerging markets. The enhanced accessibility to digital content and services is expected to drive further growth in Nigeria’s digital economy, benefitting both consumers and businesses.

In conclusion, this groundbreaking partnership between Google and Verve sets a remarkable precedent for enabling seamless naira transactions on the Google Play Store for Nigerians. By empowering users with the ability to use their Verve cards locally, Google is not only making digital transactions more convenient but also contributing to the advancement of financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Source: Punch Nigeria

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