Governor Atiku Bagudu Sends a Message to Kebbi People on Electricity Consumption Responsibility

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KAEDCO And Atiku Bagudu

In a clear message to the residents of Kebbi, Governor Atiku Bagudu recently addressed the issue of electricity consumption responsibility. Acknowledging the transformed nature of the electricity sector, Governor Bagudu emphasized that electricity is now a business and no longer solely owned by the government. He called upon the people of Kebbi to be aware of their role and urged them to fulfill their obligation by paying for the electricity they consume. This, in turn, would enable the distribution companies to provide an adequate and consistent supply of electricity to the residents.

Governor Bagudu’s statements shed light on the changing dynamics of the electricity industry, where privatization has paved the way for market-driven operations. As a result, it has become imperative for consumers to understand their responsibilities and contribute to the sustainability of the electricity supply chain. By promptly paying for the electricity they consume, consumers play a crucial role in supporting the financial viability of distribution companies. These funds can be channeled into infrastructural development, system upgrades, and overall improvement of service delivery.

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With electricity being considered a business venture, Governor Bagudu’s message underscores the importance of a collective effort between the government, distribution companies, and the people of Kebbi. The governor’s call for consumer accountability aims to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility among the residents, highlighting that their actions have a direct impact on the quality and reliability of the electricity supply.

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By fulfilling their obligation to pay for the electricity they consume, the people of Kebbi can ensure that distribution companies have the necessary resources to enhance the efficiency of their operations. This, in turn, will lead to improved infrastructure, reduced power outages, and ultimately a better quality of life for the residents.


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Governor Bagudu’s message serves as a timely reminder for the people of Kebbi to actively participate in the sustainable development of their electricity sector. By embracing their role as responsible consumers, they contribute to a more resilient and robust electricity system, fostering economic growth and social progress in the region.

Finally, Governor Atiku Bagudu’s call for electricity consumption responsibility reflects the changing landscape of the electricity sector, where consumer involvement is crucial for a sustainable and reliable power supply. As the people of Kebbi embrace their role and fulfill their obligations, they actively contribute to the overall development of the electricity industry, benefiting both themselves and the community as a whole.

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