INTERVIEW: How I Got 8 As in 2023 WASSCE – A 16-Year-Old Nigerian’s Inspiring Journey

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INTERVIEW: How I Got 8 As in 2023 WASSCE - A 16-Year-Old Nigerian's Inspiring Journey

Meet Falade Ayomide, a 16-year-old Nigerian from Lagos, who recently achieved an impressive feat in the 2023 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) by securing 8 As. In an engaging interview with Ayomide and her mother, Toyin, their journey to this success is unveiled.

Rooted in Purpose: Background and Upbringing

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Hailing from Ekiti in Southern Nigeria, Ayomide grew up in a devout Christian home, instilled with values and purpose by her parents, especially her mother. Her parents’ support extended beyond spirituality, nurturing her academic drive and determination for excellence.

Academic Triumph: From Start to Finish

Ayomide’s commitment to academics took off in Junior Secondary School (JS1), marked by a record-breaking achievement. This propelled her to excel consistently, even choosing the Commercial class over Science, driven by her passion for Economics and Accounting.

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8 As in WASSCE: The Reward of Effort

Ayomide’s hard work paid off as she achieved remarkable success in the 2023 WASSCE with 8 As. Grateful and motivated, Ayomide aims to reach higher heights academically.

Parental Role: A Pillar of Support

Ayomide credits her parents, particularly her mother, for her success. Their encouragement, goal-setting, and rewards nurtured her determination to excel.

Beyond Academics: Dreams and Aspirations

Ayomide’s interests extend to reading novels, graphic designing, and managing an online business. Her passion for Economics drives her aspiration to uplift Nigeria’s economy and contribute globally.

Guiding Words: Advice for Peers

Ayomide advises fellow students to see challenges as opportunities, embrace passions, and cherish meaningful connections. Belief in oneself, seeking help when needed, and prioritizing well-being are her guiding principles.

Modern Parenting Blend

Ayomide’s mother, Mrs. Toyin Falade, blends traditional values with modern support. Guiding Ayomide’s studies and encouraging her entrepreneurial spirit, Mrs. Falade plays a pivotal role in her daughter’s holistic growth.

Ayomide’s journey is a testament to determination, parental guidance, and a clear vision. Her story is sure to inspire, showing that excellence is attainable through dedication.

Source: Tribune online

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