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JUST IN: FG Orders Immediate Review of Electricity Tariffs

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JUST IN: FG Orders Immediate Review of Electricity Tariffs

In a breaking development, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has taken decisive action by ordering an immediate review of electricity tariffs, effective Wednesday, April 3. This directive, announced by NERC Vice Chairman Musiliu Oseni during a press conference in Abuja, aims to address concerns regarding the fairness and sustainability of electricity pricing in the nation.

One of the key revelations from NERC’s announcement is the acknowledgment that a minority of customers, representing 15 percent of the population, are consuming a disproportionately high amount of electricity, accounting for 40% of the country’s total usage. This disparity underscores the need for a fair and balanced tariff structure that reflects usage patterns accurately.

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The move comes against the backdrop of the Federal Government’s commitment to subsidizing electricity, with projections indicating a substantial expenditure of up to N1.6 trillion in 2024. This underscores the complexity of the issue and the government’s determination to ensure affordable access to electricity for all citizens.

Chairperson of NERC, Sanusi Garba, outlined the rationale behind the new tariff plan, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that prices set by Distribution Companies (DisCos) are both equitable for consumers and conducive for investors to recoup their operational costs. Garba reiterated that the order is designed to align tariffs with the efficient cost of operation, as mandated by the Electricity Act 2023, while also ensuring a reasonable return on capital investment for businesses operating in the sector.

The decision to review electricity tariffs underscores the government’s commitment to fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem that promotes both affordability and investment in the power sector. By addressing the imbalance in tariff structures and ensuring fair pricing, the aim is to enhance efficiency, encourage investment, and ultimately, improve access to reliable electricity for all Nigerians.

As the nation navigates its energy landscape, the imperative remains clear: to strike a delicate balance between affordability for consumers and viability for industry players. The review of electricity tariffs represents a crucial step towards achieving this equilibrium, signaling the government’s proactive stance in addressing the challenges within the power sector and advancing towards a more sustainable energy future for Nigeria.

Source: The Nation Online

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