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Kano State Government Allocates N800 Million to Facilitate Grand Mass Wedding for 1,800 Couples

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Kano State Government Allocates N800 Million to Facilitate Grand Mass Wedding for 1,800 Couples

In a pioneering move aimed at fostering unity, combating societal challenges, and reducing poverty, the Kano State Government has embarked on an ambitious project to sponsor a mass wedding for 1,800 couples. With a remarkable allocation of over N800 million, the state government is orchestrating an event that not only celebrates love but also strives to alleviate financial burdens that often impede matrimonial unions.

Under this initiative, each couple is set to receive a substantial assortment of furniture, including beds complete with comfortable mattresses and pillows, providing them with a comfortable start to their marital journey. Additionally, a significant boost to entrepreneurial pursuits awaits the brides, as they are granted N20,000 each to kick-start their own businesses. This infusion of capital aims to empower the newlyweds and enable them to contribute meaningfully to the local economy.

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The selection process for the couples to benefit from this generous program adheres to established criteria, ensuring that those in genuine need are the recipients. The state Hisbah board commander, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, emphasized that those who partake in the program commit to upholding the sanctity of marriage. Any instance of divorce post-wedding would require the responsible party to reimburse the state government for the provided amenities.

A heartening aspect of this endeavor is the collective support it has garnered from benefactors and affluent members of society. Their commitment to contributing to the success of this mass wedding underscores the communal spirit behind the initiative. In a society where financial constraints often lead to deferred marriages, this endeavor signifies a significant stride towards curbing such challenges and ultimately reducing the prevalence of societal vices.



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Sheikh Aminu further stressed the positive impact this mass wedding will have, as it not only unites couples but also promises to address economic disparities and promote social stability. The call to wealthy individuals to extend their support to the less privileged resonates with the program’s overarching goal of fostering inclusivity and shared prosperity.

As preparations for the grand event gather momentum, the anticipation among the public is palpable. This initiative not only showcases the Kano State Government’s commitment to its citizens’ well-being but also sets a precedent for innovative solutions to age-old challenges. By championing these unions, the state government embarks on a journey that promises to reshape lives, strengthen communities, and invigorate the local economy.

Source: Kano State Government Spends N800million On Preparations For 1800 Couples’ Mass Wedding

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