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Kebbi Residents Rejoice as Governor Takes Action to Solve State’s Electricity Problem

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Kebbi Governor to takes action on Electricity problem in Kebbi

Kebbi State, Nigeria – In a promising turn of events, Kebbi Governor Comrade Dr. Nasir Idris Kauran Gwandu has taken proactive steps to address the persistent and distressing issue of power outages that have plagued the state for far too long. Meeting with the top management of Kaduna Electricity on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, Governor Kauran Gwandu demonstrated his unwavering commitment to finding a lasting solution to the incessant power outage problems experienced by the people of Kebbi.

For too many years, the residents of Kebbi have endured the frustration and inconvenience caused by frequent power outages. These outages have hindered the progress and development of various sectors in the state, affecting businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and the overall quality of life for the people. Recognizing the importance of reliable electricity in driving economic growth and improving citizens’ lives, Governor Kauran Gwandu left no stone unturned in his pursuit of a sustainable remedy.

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During the meeting with the top management of Kaduna Electricity, Governor Kauran Gwandu emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive plan to address the power challenges faced by Kebbi State. He highlighted the importance of reliable power supply in attracting investments, fostering industrial productivity, and uplifting the overall socio-economic conditions in the region. The governor’s proactive approach and commitment to finding a solution have sparked hope among the residents of Kebbi.

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In the meeting, crucial discussions were held between the governor and the KEDC management. The topics ranged from upgrading and maintaining existing power infrastructure to improving transmission and distribution networks. The exploration of alternative energy sources was also on the agenda, with an aim to diversify the energy mix and ensure a more resilient power supply for the state. The stakeholders also deliberated strategies to combat power theft and improve revenue collection, as these issues significantly hinder the efficient delivery of electricity services.

Governor Kauran Gwandu

Governor Kauran Gwandu emphasized the importance of collaboration and synergy between the state government and Kaduna Electricity in tackling the power outage challenge. He underlined the need for open communication, cooperation, and mutual understanding to achieve the desired outcomes. The governor’s determination to provide the necessary support and resources to overcome the power crisis reassured the attendees of his unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people of Kebbi.

The management of Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company acknowledged the governor’s proactive stance and commitment to resolving the power challenges in Kebbi State. They expressed their readiness to work closely with the state government and deploy the required resources to improve power supply reliability, minimize downtime, and reduce interruptions. The collaboration between the government and KEDC is expected to yield positive results and bring an end to the prolonged power woes in Kebbi.

To ensure transparency and accountability, a joint task force comprising representatives from the state government, KEDC, and relevant stakeholders will be established. This task force will be responsible for monitoring the progress of the initiatives, implementing necessary corrective measures, and promptly addressing any emerging issues. Regular updates on the progress made in resolving the power outage issue will be provided to the residents of Kebbi State.


With Governor Kauran Gwandu’s determined efforts, the residents of Kebbi can finally see a glimmer of hope in their quest for uninterrupted power supply. The collaboration between the state government and Kaduna Electricity signifies a positive stride toward resolving the longstanding electricity woes. As the people of Kebbi rejoice in the governor’s actions, their patience and support remain crucial in achieving a sustainable and electrified future for the state.

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  1. Good one from the governor,how I which Edo state governor can look at is mate and do the same,we are suffering so much of light failure.

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