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Kebbi State Government Approves 1 Million Naira Subsidy for Each Pilgrim

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Kebbi State Government Approves 1 Million Naira Subsidy for Each Pilgrim

The Kebbi State Government’s recent announcement has brought relief and optimism to intending pilgrims for the year 2024. In a move to ease the financial burden on those embarking on the sacred journey of Hajj, the government has pledged a significant subsidy of N1 million to each individual pilgrim. This generous gesture was unveiled by the state’s Commissioner for Information and Culture, Yakubu Ahmed, during a press conference held immediately after an emergency meeting of the State Executive Council.

The decision to provide this subsidy comes at a crucial time, especially considering the economic challenges facing many individuals and families. With the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria adjusting the Hajj fees due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, the financial strain on intending pilgrims had intensified. The revised fees necessitated a balance payment of N1.9 million for those who had registered before the previous deadline.

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Out of the over 3,000 intending pilgrims from Kebbi State, the government has committed to supporting each with N1 million, significantly alleviating the financial burden. This subsidy underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to fulfill their religious obligations without undue financial hardship.

Yakubu Ahmed, speaking on behalf of the government, emphasized the importance of this intervention and urged intending pilgrims to take advantage of it. While the government’s subsidy covers a substantial portion of the pilgrimage expenses, pilgrims are still required to settle the remaining balance of over N900,000 individually.

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Moreover, the commissioner highlighted that the government’s support extends beyond the subsidy. The state has also contributed towards offsetting additional fares requested by NAHCON, with N1 million allocated for each pilgrim out of the approximately N2 million required. This demonstrates the government’s comprehensive approach to easing the financial burden associated with the pilgrimage.

In light of this significant support from the government, intending pilgrims are encouraged to complete their payment promptly to secure their spots for the Hajj pilgrimage. By doing so, they not only fulfill their religious obligations but also become beneficiaries of the government’s magnanimity.

Overall, the Kebbi State Government’s subsidy initiative represents a commendable effort to ensure that every citizen has equal access to religious rites, irrespective of their financial status. It reflects a commitment to social welfare and religious inclusivity, setting a positive precedent for other states to follow.


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