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National Population Commission (NPC)

The National Population Commission (NPC) of Nigeria has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in its preparations for the first digital Population and Housing Census in the country. Employing the innovative Geographic Information System (GIS) methodology, the NPC has successfully demarcated the entire nation into 598,988 Enumeration Areas (EAs).

The Enumeration Area Demarcation (EAD) process is a crucial step in preparing for a census. It involves delineating the land area of the country into small and distinct geographical units known as Enumeration Areas. These areas are designed to be manageable for individual enumerators to cover during the census exercise, ensuring efficient data collection.

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The NPC’s use of GIS technology in the EAD process marks a significant advancement in census planning. GIS enables accurate demarcation and provides the NPC with a comprehensive geospatial database. This database is the most accurate, reliable, and extensive in Africa, positioning the Commission as a leader in geospatial information management.

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By leveraging GIS technology, Nigeria’s upcoming census will be the first of its kind, embracing digital solutions to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and data analysis. The NPC’s commitment to utilizing advanced technology underscores their dedication to conducting a comprehensive and reliable census.

The successful demarcation of Enumeration Areas using GIS methodology not only ensures accurate representation but also plays a crucial role in estimating the human and material resources required for the census. This data-driven approach allows for better planning and allocation of resources for social and economic development initiatives.

The NPC’s achievement in demarcating Nigeria for the digital census using GIS is a landmark moment in African census preparations. It sets a precedent for other countries to embrace technological advancements in census operations, leading to more accurate data and informed decision-making.

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As Nigeria eagerly awaits the upcoming Population and Housing Census, the NPC’s accomplishment highlights the importance of data management and technology in addressing the needs of a growing population. By adopting a digital approach, Nigeria is paving the way for evidence-based policy-making and sustainable development.

With the first digital census on the horizon, the National Population Commission remains at the forefront of data management and technology utilization. Their efforts position Nigeria to efficiently manage its population dynamics and steer the country towards a prosperous future.

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