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Naira to Dollar, Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, and South African Rand Exchange Rate – 23 March 2024

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Dollar to Naira Today Black Market 23rd March 2024

Naira to Dollar, Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, and South African Rand Exchange Rate - 23 March 2024

The exchange rate between the US Dollar (USD) and the Nigerian Naira (NGN) is a topic of significant interest, especially in the context of the black market. As of 23rd March 2024, the black market rates for various currency pairs reveal insights into the current economic landscape.

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Understanding Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates

Exchange rates represent the value of one currency in terms of another. For instance, if the exchange rate between the USD and NGN is 1460, it means that one US Dollar is equivalent to 1460 Nigerian Naira.

The Significance of Black Market Rates

Black market rates often differ from official exchange rates and are influenced by various factors. They serve as indicators of economic stability, market sentiment, and government policies.

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Factors Influencing Black Market Rates

Economic Stability

Economic conditions, including inflation, unemployment, and GDP growth, play a crucial role in determining black market rates.

Government Policies

Government interventions such as foreign exchange controls, monetary policies, and import/export regulations impact black market rates.

Demand and Supply Dynamics

The balance between demand and supply of foreign currency in the black market affects exchange rates. High demand for a particular currency relative to its supply can drive up its black market rate.

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Analysis of Current Black Market Rates

As of 23rd March 2024, the black market rates for various currencies against the Nigerian Naira are as follows:

  • USD to NGN: Buy at 1460, Sell at 1480
  • GBP to NGN: Buy at 1960, Sell at 2000
  • EUR to NGN: Buy at 1620, Sell at 1650
  • CAD to NGN: Buy at 1200, Sell at 1270
  • ZAR to NGN: Buy at 85, Sell at 95
  • AED to NGN: Buy at 400, Sell at 430
  • CNY to NGN: Buy at 175, Sell at 190
  • GHS to NGN: Buy at 100, Sell at 120
  • XOF to NGN: Buy at 2400, Sell at 2450
  • XAF to NGN: Buy at 2200, Sell at 2250
  • AUD to NGN: Buy at 830, Sell at 880

Implications for Businesses and Individuals

Fluctuations in black market rates affect businesses engaged in international trade, importers, exporters, and individuals involved in remittances or foreign transactions.

Strategies for Dealing with Fluctuating Rates

Businesses and individuals can mitigate risks associated with fluctuating exchange rates by hedging, diversifying currency holdings, and staying informed about market trends.

Impact on International Trade

Exchange rate fluctuations influence the competitiveness of exports and imports, affecting trade balances and economic growth.

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Comparison with Official Exchange Rates

Official exchange rates set by central banks or governments may differ from black market rates due to varying methodologies and interventions.

Engaging in transactions at black market rates may involve legal risks and repercussions, including penalties or sanctions imposed by authorities.

Tips for Navigating the Black Market

When dealing with the black market, individuals should exercise caution, verify authenticity, and consider seeking professional advice to avoid scams or fraud.

Long-Term Outlook

The long-term outlook for black market rates depends on economic fundamentals, geopolitical developments, and policy interventions.


The black market exchange rates for Dollar to Naira as of 23rd March 2024 highlight the complexities of currency markets and the significance of understanding their dynamics. Businesses and individuals must navigate these fluctuations cautiously to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

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  1. What is the black market exchange rate? The black market exchange rate refers to unofficial rates at which currencies are traded outside official channels, often reflecting supply and demand dynamics.
  2. How do black market rates differ from official rates? Black market rates are determined by market forces and may deviate significantly from official exchange rates set by central banks or governments.
  3. Are there legal risks associated with trading at black market rates? Engaging in transactions at black market rates may expose individuals to legal risks, including penalties or sanctions imposed by authorities.
  4. How can businesses hedge against exchange rate fluctuations? Businesses can hedge against exchange rate fluctuations by using financial instruments such as forward contracts, options, or currency swaps.
  5. What factors influence black market exchange rates? Black market exchange rates are influenced by economic stability, government policies, demand and supply dynamics, and geopolitical factors.
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