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NDLEA Announces Screening and Interview Dates for Shortlisted Candidates in Nationwide Recruitment Drive

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NDLEA Announces Screening and Interview Dates for Shortlisted Candidates

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has taken a significant step forward in its recruitment process by inviting shortlisted candidates for screening and interview. In a recent statement, the agency’s Director of Media and Advocacy, Femi Babafemi, disclosed that successful applicants from the Superintendent Cadre and the Narcotic Agent/Narcotic Assistant Cadre assessments will participate in the screening and interview sessions. This development marks a crucial milestone in NDLEA’s efforts to bolster its workforce in the fight against drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has commenced the screening and interview phase for shortlisted candidates who successfully passed the recent assessment tests. The recruitment exercise, aimed at reinforcing the agency’s workforce in the battle against drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking, is a vital step towards achieving a drug-free society.

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According to a statement issued by Femi Babafemi, the Director of Media and Advocacy for NDLEA, the selected candidates are expected to attend the screening and interview sessions at designated centers in five locations across Nigeria. These locations include Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Kano, and Port Harcourt.

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The screening and interview sessions are scheduled to take place from Monday, June 5 to Friday, June 16, 2023, starting at 8 am daily. The exact locations for each batch can be found on the agency’s official website.



To ensure a smooth process, candidates are required to bring their relevant documents, including original and photocopies of their credentials in a file. Additionally, they must come dressed appropriately in the clothing materials specified on the NDLEA’s website. This directive underlines the agency’s commitment to maintaining professionalism and adherence to guidelines throughout the recruitment exercise.

The NDLEA recruitment drive has attracted a considerable number of applicants seeking to contribute to the fight against drug-related crimes in Nigeria. The agency’s call for applications and subsequent assessment tests were met with an overwhelming response from qualified individuals eager to make a difference.

The selection process has been rigorous, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates progress to the screening and interview phase. By adhering to the established guidelines, the NDLEA aims to maintain transparency, fairness, and efficiency throughout the recruitment exercise.

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The screening and interview sessions will provide an opportunity for the NDLEA to further evaluate the shortlisted candidates. Through in-depth assessments, the agency aims to identify individuals who possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and dedication required to effectively combat drug abuse and illegal drug trafficking.

The NDLEA’s nationwide recruitment drive aligns with the agency’s commitment to strengthening its workforce and enhancing its operational capabilities. By attracting highly skilled personnel, the agency aims to intensify its efforts in preventing the production, trafficking, and consumption of illicit drugs in Nigeria.

Finally, the NDLEA’s invitation of shortlisted candidates for the screening and interview phase represents a crucial step in the agency’s ongoing recruitment drive. The sessions will provide an opportunity to identify exceptional individuals who will play a pivotal role in combating drug abuse and illegal drug activities nationwide. With its commitment to transparency and adherence to guidelines, the NDLEA is poised to build a formidable team dedicated to creating a drug-free society in Nigeria.


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