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NDLEA Extends Assessment Test Period for Superintendent Cadre Applicants, Ensuring Ample Time for Comprehensive Evaluation

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NDLEA Extends Assessment Test

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has taken a proactive step to ensure a thorough and fair assessment process for superintendent cadre applicants. In response to the need for candidates to have sufficient time to complete their online assessment tests, the NDLEA has extended the allotted time period. This extension allows applicants in Batch 1, Batch 2, and Batch 3 to thoroughly engage with the evaluation process and demonstrate their suitability for these critical positions within the agency. With this decision, the NDLEA aims to uphold transparency, fairness, and equal opportunity, further solidifying its commitment to effectively combating drug abuse and trafficking in Nigeria.


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Extending the Assessment Test Period:

The initial deadline for superintendent cadre applicants to complete their online assessment tests was set for 11:59 pm on Monday, May 8th. However, recognizing the importance of giving each candidate ample time, the NDLEA has decided to extend the period. Candidates in Batch 1 will now have until 6 am on Tuesday, May 9th, to complete their assessments. This extension has also been applied to Batch 2 and Batch 3 applicants, allowing them to undergo their assessments until 6 am on Wednesday, May 10th, and Thursday, May 11th, respectively. The decision to extend the test period reflects the agency’s dedication to providing equal opportunities for all applicants, regardless of their assigned batch.

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Emphasizing the Correct Application ID:

To ensure a smooth login process, candidates must accurately enter their application ID as “NDLEA-SUPT-2023-12345678910” on the assessment dashboard. It is crucial to note that the application ID should not be entered in the format of “NDLEA/SUPT/2023/12345678910.” This detail is essential to prevent any technical issues that may arise from incorrect formatting. Moreover, the NDLEA explicitly advises applicants that their email address cannot serve as their application ID.

Best Wishes to All Applicants:

Femi Babafemi, the Director of Media & Advocacy at NDLEA Headquarters in Abuja, extended his best wishes to all the superintendent cadre applicants. His message emphasized the agency’s commitment to ensuring a transparent and comprehensive selection process. The NDLEA acknowledges the significance of a rigorous evaluation process in identifying individuals who possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and aptitude to excel in drug law enforcement.

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The Importance of the Assessment Test:

The online assessment test serves as a vital component in the recruitment process for superintendent cadre applicants. By evaluating candidates’ expertise in various drug law enforcement areas, the NDLEA can make informed decisions regarding their suitability for the positions. The test examines candidates’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude, providing valuable insights into their potential contributions to the agency’s mission.

Next Steps in the Recruitment Process:

NDLEA Recruitment Assessment Test

Successful candidates who pass the assessment test will proceed to subsequent stages in the recruitment process. These stages include interviews, comprehensive background checks, and physical examinations. The NDLEA’s commitment to a meticulous selection process underscores its dedication to selecting the most qualified individuals who can effectively contribute to the agency’s efforts in combating drug abuse and trafficking.


The NDLEA’s decision to extend the assessment test period for superintendent cadre applicants highlights its commitment to a transparent, fair, and comprehensive recruitment process. By providing additional time for candidates in Batches 1, 2, and 3, the NDLEA ensures that each applicant has a fair opportunity to showcase their capabilities. This extension aligns with the agency’s dedication to selecting the most qualified individuals who will actively contribute to the fight against drug abuse and trafficking in Nigeria.

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  1. Babangida Ibrahim

    What is the fate of those applicants who cannot login to their dashboard for the test till the closure of the portal?

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