NECO Launches NECO e-Verify Platform for Instant Result Verification and Confirmation

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NECO Launches NECO e-Verify Platform

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has introduced a groundbreaking online solution called NECO e-Verify, a result verification and confirmation portal. The new platform aims to provide instant authentication of academic and basic information about prospective candidates for admission and employment purposes in academic institutions and workplaces.

In an event held in Abuja, the Registrar of NECO, Prof. Dantani Wushishi, highlighted the growing need for result verification and confirmation by institutions both domestically and internationally. Previously, all requests for verification and confirmation were directed to NECO’s headquarters in Minna, resulting in longer processing times.

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Prof. Wushishi emphasized the importance of result verification in ensuring the accuracy of academic credentials. He revealed that over a two-year period (2020-2022), NECO received requests for verification and confirmation of results from 64 institutions across 37 countries and 72 institutions within Nigeria. Additionally, numerous individuals also sought result verification services.

The Registrar acknowledged that academic institutions, employers, and various agencies rely on result verification to select the most qualified candidates for admission and employment. Verifying the authenticity of candidates’ results instills confidence in the institutions and employers, ensuring that they are admitting and hiring individuals with the required qualifications for further studies and specific job roles.

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Prof. Wushishi outlined the benefits of result verification, which include increased confidence, risk reduction, and improved efficiency. The introduction of the NECO e-Verify portal will provide institutions and employers with greater confidence in admitting and hiring the most qualified candidates. In today’s technologically advanced world, where result forgery is prevalent, verifying students’ and employees’ credentials is crucial to meeting institutional and organizational goals.

Admitting or hiring unqualified individuals can lead to various risks such as poor academic performance, decreased productivity, low morale, and even fraudulent behaviors that hinder the progress of institutions and businesses. Result verification helps mitigate these risks by ensuring that only qualified candidates are admitted and hired.

By properly verifying candidates’ results, institutions and businesses can operate more efficiently by recruiting applicants who are capable of learning faster and employees who can carry out their duties with minimal supervision. Moreover, universities and other tertiary institutions will benefit as candidates with questionable results will be deterred from applying for admission.

NECO’s introduction of the NECO e-Verify Result Verification/Confirmation System aligns with global standards and signifies the council’s commitment to deploying cutting-edge technology to enhance candidates’ educational pursuits. This achievement will bring significant relief to millions of candidates, educational institutions, and other stakeholders.

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With the launch of the NECO e-Verify platform, NECO sets a benchmark for other examination bodies in providing reliable and efficient result verification services. Educational institutions and employers can now have greater confidence in the integrity of candidates’ academic credentials, ensuring that the most qualified individuals are selected for admission and employment opportunities.

Source: VanguardNGR

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