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New FCT Minister Wike Puts Progress Ahead of Party Allegiance

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New FCT Minister Wike Puts Progress Ahead of Party Allegiance

Abuja, 22 August, 2023 – In a remarkable display of commitment to the betterment of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the newly appointed Minister, Nyesom Wike, has drawn attention by emphasizing progress over party affiliations. This refreshing approach underscores Wike’s dedication to the advancement of the nation’s capital and his determination to foster unity and development.

During an engaging exchange with a journalist from ThisDay newspaper, Wike’s response to a question about his choice of party affiliation for his office shed light on his unconventional approach to governance. When asked which political party’s flag would be displayed—whether the All Progressives Congress (APC) or the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)—Wike’s answer was unequivocal: the FCT’s progress takes precedence.

“ThisDay, you’ve followed me here again. This is the only question your people sent you here to ask. OK, give me any party—APC, PDP, or even LP—I’ll work with it as long as the FCT is moving forward,” Wike candidly stated.

This statement not only showcases Wike’s pragmatic and inclusive attitude but also echoes his inauguration ceremony, where he swore an oath of office under the leadership of President Tinubu. The ceremony symbolized his commitment to national unity and development, transcending party lines.

Wike’s willingness to work collaboratively with any party that shares his vision for progress is an embodiment of his larger mission. As the FCT Minister, he holds a unique responsibility to spearhead growth and transformation within the capital. By emphasizing progress over party allegiances, Wike aims to bridge divides and promote collective efforts for the greater good.

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In a political climate often marked by polarization, Nyesom Wike’s commitment to prioritizing progress stands as a beacon of hope. His approach not only emphasizes that effective leadership can transcend party boundaries but also reiterates that the advancement of the FCT is a collective endeavor.

As Nigeria seeks to navigate through challenges and capitalize on opportunities, the FCT’s future under Minister Wike’s guidance holds promise. His determination to unite different parties under the banner of progress reinforces the notion that collaboration is key to achieving meaningful results.

In a landscape where political differences can often overshadow shared goals, Nyesom Wike’s approach sends a powerful message: the true essence of leadership lies in driving positive change that benefits all citizens, irrespective of party affiliations. His dedication to progress over party allegiance sets an inspiring precedent for a more inclusive and forward-looking approach to governance.

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