Nigeria Cuts Off Power Supply to Niger Republic Amid Coup Tensions

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Nigeria Cuts Off Power Supply to Niger Republic Amid Coup Tensions

In a move that could further exacerbate the political tensions between the two neighboring West African nations, Nigeria has cut off its power supply to Niger Republic, a country heavily reliant on its neighbor for electricity. The action comes as part of international pressure on Niger’s coup leaders, who seized power in a recent political upheaval.

Niger, known as one of the world’s poorest countries, relies on Nigeria for 70 percent of its power supply. The connection between the two nations is directly linked to Nigeria’s national grid, and any disruption in power flow has a significant impact on Niger’s energy needs.

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Confirming the news of the power cut, Adam Umar El-yandiski, the Public Relations Officer of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) Kano State sub-region, stated that the power supply to Niger Republic originates solely from Nigeria’s national grid and has no effect on the power supply to any region within Nigeria.

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The decision to cut off power supply to Niger Republic was a response to the recent military coup that shook the fragile nation. In the aftermath of the coup, West Africa’s regional bloc, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), imposed trade and financial sanctions on the coup leaders. The sanctions included the ultimatum to reinstate Niger’s democratically elected president within a week, with the possibility of military intervention if the demand is not met.


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The ECOWAS leaders emphasized that the military option is a last resort but indicated that preparations are being made for any eventuality. The bloc has also sent a delegation for negotiations with the coup leaders.

As the situation escalates, ex-colonial power France has been evacuating its citizens from Niger, and the United States has ordered a partial evacuation of its embassy in the capital, Niamey. This has further heightened concerns over the stability of the region.

Both Mali and Burkina Faso, which border Niger, have issued warnings against any military intervention in their neighbor, asserting that it would be considered a “declaration of war” against them. Amid the growing tensions, General Salifou Mody, one of the coup leaders from Niger, arrived in Mali’s capital, Bamako, seeking cooperation between the two countries..

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The international community has also expressed its concerns and called for a national dialogue in Niger. Russia, in particular, urged for urgent discussions and cautioned against threats of intervention, stating that such actions could escalate tensions further.

In response to the coup and in solidarity with ECOWAS, the World Bank announced it was suspending aid to Niger, except for private sector partnerships.

The situation remains delicate, and the region is closely watching how the political impasse unfolds. The power cut by Nigeria adds another layer of complexity to the already critical situation in Niger Republic.

Source: Channels Television

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