Nigerian Army Sends Clear Message to Terrorists to Surrender or Face Consequences

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Nigerian Army Sends Clear Message to Terrorists to Surrender or Face Consequences

In a bold and unequivocal statement, the Nigerian Army has conveyed a resolute message to terrorists operating within the country: surrender unconditionally or face dire consequences. The army’s unwavering stance underscores its commitment to ensuring peace and stability across the nation, leaving no room for negotiation with those who pose a threat to its security.

Major General Godwin Mutkut, the General Officer Commanding 8 Division, Nigerian Army Sokoto, delivered this stern warning during a press conference held in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State. The occasion also marked the inauguration of the RSM House at the 1 Brigade Cantonment, further symbolizing the army’s determination to combat insurgency and restore normalcy in the region.

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“We extend no offer for negotiation to those who have taken up arms against our nation. The time for them to lay down their weapons and surrender is now,” emphasized General Mutkut. By clearly rejecting any prospect of negotiation, the army seeks to dispel any illusions of leniency among the perpetrators and demonstrate its unwavering resolve to restore peace.

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The army’s insistence on surrender without negotiation stems from past experiences where similar attempts failed to yield the desired outcomes. General Mutkut emphasized that those who choose to evade surrender will be pursued relentlessly and dealt with accordingly. The military’s operations will continue unabated, targeting terrorist hideouts and neutralizing their threats to national security.

Despite the challenges posed by the rainy season, the Nigerian Army remains undeterred in its mission to rid the region of terrorist activities. General Mutkut shared remarkable successes in troubled areas like Zurmi, Shinkafi, Tsafe, Dansadau, and other parts of Zamfara State. These operations, conducted against the backdrop of inclement weather, have caught the bandits off-guard and delivered significant blows to their ranks. In light of this, the General urged the terrorists to consider the futility of resistance and instead choose the path of surrender to save themselves from the inevitable consequences.

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While the army acknowledges the evolving tactics of the terrorists, particularly their increased targeting of soft targets such as innocent civilians in villages and on highways, they remain committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens. General Mutkut called upon District Heads and communities in Zamfara State to proactively form groups that would serve as a first line of defense in times of distress, providing protection until the arrival of military forces.

The Nigerian Army’s unwavering determination and firm message to terrorists have sparked widespread interest, both within the country and globally. People from all walks of life are closely monitoring the developments, as the military intensifies its operations, underscoring the imperative for terrorists to surrender or face the full force of consequences.

The Nigerian Army’s clear message to terrorists to surrender or face consequences reflects a new chapter in the nation’s fight against insurgency. As the military persists in its efforts to restore peace and stability, the onus lies on the perpetrators to make a crucial choice: surrender and contribute to a secure future or endure the severe repercussions of their actions. The Nigerian Army remains resolute in its commitment to safeguarding the nation and ensuring a harmonious society for all its citizens.

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