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Nigerian Senator Ben Murray Bruce Preorders FAA-Approved Flying Electric Car, Pioneering the Future of Transportation

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Nigerian Senator Ben Murray Bruce Preorders FAA-Approved Flying Electric Car

In a groundbreaking announcement on his Twitter account, Nigerian Senator Ben Murray Bruce shared his excitement about preordering the Alef, the world’s first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved flying electric car. This move marks a significant leap towards a future once reserved for science fiction novels.

Senator Bruce, known for his advocacy of electric vehicles, expressed his enthusiasm for this revolutionary mode of transportation, emphasizing that flying cars are no longer confined to the realm of imagination. As the proud owner of Nigeria’s first electric car, he is eager to introduce this technological marvel to his home country and contribute to its transportation revolution.

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The Alef, developed by Aeronautics, has gained recognition as the first flying electric car to receive FAA approval, signifying its adherence to stringent safety and regulatory standards. This achievement showcases the remarkable progress made in the field of aerial mobility and opens up endless possibilities for the future of transportation.

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With his preorder of the Alef, Senator Bruce demonstrates his unwavering commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions. Electric vehicles have been a focal point of his advocacy efforts, and now, he is spearheading Nigeria’s foray into the world of flying cars.

Senator Bruce’s statement also highlights his hope that the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is prepared for this exciting development. As the country prepares to embrace this transportation revolution, ensuring proper infrastructure, regulations, and training will be essential to foster a safe and seamless transition.

The announcement has generated immense enthusiasm and anticipation within Nigeria and beyond. Citizens and technology enthusiasts alike eagerly await the arrival of flying cars, which hold the potential to revolutionize urban mobility, alleviate traffic congestion, and enhance transportation efficiency.

The advent of the Alef flying car represents a remarkable milestone in the evolution of transportation. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, Senator Ben Murray Bruce leads the charge towards a future where the skies are no longer off-limits. As Africa rises to embrace this new era, the nation’s commitment to sustainable and forward-thinking solutions is sure to inspire other countries to follow suit.

According to Sen. Ben Bruce;

I am thrilled to announce my preorder of Alef, @AlefAeronautics, the first FAA-approved flying electric car! A testament to our boundless future—flying cars aren’t just for sci-fi anymore. For years, I’ve been an advocate for electric vehicles, and I was the first to own one in Nigeria. Here’s to the next leap in transportation. Africa, we rise! Excited to bring this revolution to Nigeria, and I hope the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), @NigeriaCAA, is ready.— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce) February 3, 2023

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