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Nigerian Senator Reveals the Reason for FG’s Suspension of 2023 Census

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President Buhari suspends 2023 Census

Nigeria’s Federal Government recently announced the suspension of the 2023 Census, citing logistical challenges and security concerns. However, Nigerian Senator Shehu Sani has revealed that the real reason behind the suspension is a lack of funds.

In a tweet, Sani stated, “The simple fact is that the FG doesn’t have $1.8 Billion for the Census and now shifted the Wahala to Asiwaju.” Sani’s statement has raised questions about the government’s ability to fund critical programs and services, particularly those related to infrastructure and public welfare.

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The 2023 Census was expected to be a critical exercise in Nigeria’s history, providing valuable data on the country’s population and demographics. The census data would have helped the government make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and development plans. However, with the suspension of the census, it remains unclear how the government will proceed with its plans.

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The government’s announcement of the suspension has also raised concerns about the transparency of the decision-making process. Many Nigerians are calling on the government to prioritize funding for critical projects and ensure that funds are allocated transparently and judiciously.

This is not the first time that Nigeria has faced challenges in conducting a census. In 2019, a national population commission official revealed that the country’s last census was conducted in 2006, and efforts to conduct another census have been delayed due to a lack of funding and logistical challenges.

The suspension of the 2023 Census is likely to have far-reaching consequences for Nigeria’s political, economic, and social landscape. It is essential for the government to find alternative ways to gather accurate data on the country’s population and demographics to make informed decisions that will benefit the nation as a whole.

Finally, Senator Shehu Sani’s revelation of the real reason behind the suspension of the 2023 Census sheds light on the challenges faced by the government in funding critical programs and services. It is crucial for the government to address these challenges and ensure that resources are allocated transparently and judiciously to benefit all Nigerians.

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