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NPC Birth Registration Adhoc E-Recruitment: How to Successfully Navigate the LGA Selection Section

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NPC Birth Registration LGA Selection Problem

The ongoing NPC recruitment for birth registration has been experiencing delays due to issues with the selection of Local Government Areas (LGA). To assist applicants in overcoming this challenge, we present a comprehensive guide on how to pass the LGA section for a successful application. By following the guidelines outlined below, candidates can increase their chances of being selected and avoid unnecessary complications during the process.


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Step 1: Residence Information

Upon accessing the NPC recruitment portal, candidates should first provide their residence details. This includes selecting the preferred state of assignment where they wish to work as birth registration adhoc personnel.

Step 2: Selecting the LGA

NPC Birth Registration Adhoc E-Recruitment LGA Selection

To proceed, applicants must carefully choose the specific Local Government Area (LGA) they want to be assigned to. This step is crucial, as the selection of the correct LGA determines the area of operation during the birth registration exercise.

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Step 3: Center Selection

After selecting the LGA, applicants will be required to choose their preferred registration center within the chosen LGA. It is essential to consider proximity, accessibility, and convenience when making this selection.

Step 4: Usual Place Of Residence

To ensure accuracy in the application, candidates must provide their usual place of residence. This information helps in assigning adhoc personnel to registration centers closer to their residential areas, which can improve efficiency during the exercise.

Step 5: Technical Requirements

To access and complete the application process smoothly, applicants must use eligible browsers such as Chrome, Edge, or Phoenix. Additionally, they should access the portal via a desktop site to avoid any technical issues.

Step 6: Media Contacts for Complaints

In case of any issues or complaints during the recruitment process, applicants can reach out to the following media contacts:

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By adhering to the guidelines provided above, prospective birth registration adhoc personnel can streamline their application process and increase their chances of being selected. The correct selection of the preferred state, LGA, and center is crucial in ensuring smooth and efficient operations during the NPC recruitment for birth registration. For further assistance or inquiries, applicants can contact the relevant media contacts. We hope this guide will help candidates overcome the challenges and delays previously experienced and contribute to a successful and effective NPC birth registration exercise.

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