NPC Latest News On 2023 Census Exercise – 13 September, 2023

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NPC Latest News On 2023 Census Exercise - 13 September, 2023

The National Population Commission (NPC) Delivers Crucial Update on 2023 Census Preparation

In a recent announcement via their official X (formerly Twitter) account, the National Population Commission (NPC) shed light on the state of affairs regarding the much-anticipated 2023 Census. The tweet, posted on September 13, 2023, provided key insights into the situation and the path forward.

Understanding Census Questions: NPC’s Clarification

The NPC’s tweet began with an enthusiastic “NEW RELEASE” alert, directing the public to delve deeper into the census process by providing a download link for valuable information regarding “UNDERSTANDING CENSUS QUESTIONS.” This resource is undoubtedly aimed at helping citizens comprehend the intricacies of the upcoming census, underlining the NPC’s commitment to transparency and public involvement.

Download Understanding Census Questions

2023 Census Postponement and Budgetary Constraints

The most significant revelation in the NPC’s announcement pertains to the delay in conducting the 2023 Census. According to the statement, the census, initially scheduled for 2023, faced an unexpected setback when former President Buhari postponed it in May of the same year. The primary reason behind this postponement was the unavailability of the necessary budget to carry out the comprehensive census exercise. This revelation highlights the critical importance of adequate funding for national undertakings like the census.

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Chairman Isa Kwarra’s Meeting with President Tinubu

In a move to address the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the 2023 Census, NPC Chairman Isa Kwarra engaged in a high-level meeting with President Tinubu. The purpose of this meeting was to provide the President with a detailed briefing on the progress and preparations for the census. During this interaction, Chairman Kwarra reiterated the NPC’s dedication to ensuring the success of the census.

Awaiting Presidential Directive

NPC Chairman Isa Kwarra’s statement indicated that the commission is now in a state of readiness to continue with the preparations for the 2023 Census. However, the NPC is awaiting a directive from President Tinubu to proceed. This underscores the importance of political leadership and decision-making in moving forward with the national census.

Implications and Way Forward

The NPC’s latest update on the 2023 Census offers critical insights into the challenges faced by such large-scale national projects and the role of funding in their execution. It also highlights the role of political leadership in decision-making processes that can impact the nation’s future.

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As Nigerians await President Tinubu’s directive, it is essential to recognize the significance of the census in shaping policies, resource allocation, and development planning. Adequate funding and timely execution are pivotal in ensuring an accurate and comprehensive census, which is crucial for informed decision-making and the nation’s progress.

Citizens are encouraged to utilize the provided resource, “UNDERSTANDING CENSUS QUESTIONS,” to gain a better understanding of the upcoming census, thereby contributing to its success.

As the NPC continues to await further instructions, the nation watches with anticipation, hoping for a swift resolution that will pave the way for the 2023 Census to proceed as planned. Stay tuned for further developments on this crucial national endeavor.

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