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NPC Latest News Regarding the 2023 Census Exercise After NPC Boss Meets With President Tinubu

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NPC Boss Isa Kwarra meet with President Tinubu to address the 2023 Census preparation

In a significant development, Chairman of the National Population Census (NPC), Nasir Isa Kwarra, announced that President Bola Tinubu will soon unveil the new dates for Nigeria’s long-awaited national population and housing census. The announcement comes after Kwarra’s meeting with President Tinubu, where he discussed the commission’s preparations for the census. Kwarra emphasized the urgency of conducting the census, highlighting that any further delay would lead to additional expenses for the government.

Originally scheduled for May 3 to 7, 2023, during the previous administration of ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, the census was postponed indefinitely, awaiting a decision from the Tinubu administration. With the President now fully apprised of the plans and processes in place for the exercise, Nigerians eagerly anticipate the new dates for the population and housing census.

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The importance of conducting an accurate and up-to-date census cannot be overstated. A comprehensive population count is essential for effective governance, development planning, resource allocation, and policymaking. It provides invaluable data for understanding demographic trends, addressing social issues, and guiding informed decision-making across various sectors.

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The delay in conducting the census has raised concerns among policymakers and stakeholders who recognize its significance in shaping Nigeria’s future. The population landscape has undergone significant changes since the last census conducted in 2006, and an updated census is crucial for capturing these shifts accurately. Timely data on population distribution, age structure, migration patterns, and socio-economic indicators are vital for developing targeted interventions, addressing inequalities, and ensuring inclusive development.



Moreover, an accurate census is instrumental in tackling challenges such as urbanization, healthcare planning, infrastructure development, and electoral reforms. It enables policymakers to identify areas with higher population density and prioritize the allocation of resources accordingly. Additionally, census data plays a vital role in ensuring fair representation through the equitable delineation of constituencies, which is essential for maintaining a robust democratic process.

The NPC, under the leadership of Nasir Isa Kwarra, has been working tirelessly to prepare for the census. Their efforts encompass extensive stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and logistical arrangements to ensure a smooth and accurate count. The commission has been collaborating with international partners, leveraging their expertise and best practices to enhance the credibility and reliability of the census process.

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The forthcoming announcement by President Bola Tinubu regarding the census dates is eagerly awaited by Nigerians. It signifies a significant step forward in addressing the delays and demonstrating the commitment of the new administration to prioritize accurate data and evidence-based decision-making. The NPC’s dedication to conducting a comprehensive and transparent census will contribute immensely to Nigeria’s socio-economic development and pave the way for targeted policies and initiatives that meet the needs of its diverse population.

As the nation eagerly anticipates the unveiling of the new census dates, there is a collective hope that this critical exercise will be conducted efficiently and effectively. The accurate enumeration of Nigeria’s population will empower policymakers, researchers, and development practitioners to navigate the country’s evolving landscape successfully. The NPC’s collaboration with President Tinubu’s administration reflects a shared vision for a prosperous Nigeria, founded on accurate data, equitable distribution of resources, and inclusive governance.

Source: Channels Television

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