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NSCDC Screening Portal Error: Reasons and Solutions for Error Messages

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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has recently implemented an online screening portal for applicants interested in pursuing a career with the organization. However, some applicants have encountered error messages when attempting to access their application status.


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Understanding NSCDC Screening Portal Errors: Causes and Resolutions

I. Overview of NSCDC Screening Portal
The NSCDC screening portal serves as a platform for applicants to check their application status and ascertain if they have been shortlisted for further recruitment processes. This digital system streamlines the recruitment process and offers convenience to both applicants and the NSCDC.

NSCDC screening portal error message

II. Common Error Message: “Check your input carefully and try again.”
When encountering the error message “
Check your input carefully and try again,” there are several possible explanations:

  1. Incorrect Application Code or Phone Number:
    One of the primary reasons for this error message is the input of an incorrect application code or phone number. It is crucial to double-check the accuracy of the provided details before submitting the information. A simple typing error can lead to the system being unable to identify the applicant.

Solution: Applicants should carefully review their application code and phone number, ensuring they enter the correct information. Paying close attention to the inputted data can help avoid unnecessary errors.



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  1. Non-Shortlisted Candidate:
    Another reason for the error message is that the applicant might not be among the shortlisted candidates. The NSCDC screens applications based on various criteria, and only those who meet the specified requirements proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Solution: If an applicant receives the error message and suspects they may not be shortlisted, they should patiently wait for an SMS or email message from the NSCDC. The NSCDC typically notifies shortlisted candidates via these communication channels.

III. Further Considerations and


  1. Contact NSCDC Support:
    If an applicant has carefully inputted their details and believes they should have been shortlisted, they can reach out to the NSCDC support team. Contact information is usually provided on the NSCDC official website or in the application guidelines. The support team can assist in resolving any technical issues or clarifying application status.
  2. Apply Again in the Future:
    In case an applicant receives the error message and realizes they are not among the shortlisted candidates, it is essential to remain positive and not lose hope. The NSCDC conducts recruitment exercises periodically, and there will be opportunities to apply again in the future. Aspiring candidates can improve their chances by enhancing their qualifications and skills during this time.


The NSCDC screening portal aims to facilitate the recruitment process by providing an efficient and convenient platform for applicants. When encountering error messages, it is crucial to review and verify the accuracy of the inputted information. Additionally, it is important to remember that not being shortlisted does not necessarily reflect on an applicant’s abilities or qualifications. By adhering to the guidelines mentioned in this article and maintaining a positive outlook, aspiring candidates can navigate the NSCDC screening portal effectively and strive for future opportunities with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.

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