Senators Expose Receipt of N218 Million “Holiday Token” Allowance Amid Public Outrage

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Senators Expose Receipt of N218 Million "Holiday Token" Allowance Amid Public Outrage

In a revelation that has sparked public outrage and dominated social media discussions, Nigerian senators have reportedly received a “holiday token” allowance as directed by Senate President Godswill Akpabio. Despite initial denials from some senators, a screenshot of a credit alert shared by THE WHISTLER on Thursday has confirmed the disbursement of N218 million to the 109 members of the upper house.

The controversial directive was originally made during an extraordinary plenary session convened to confirm ministerial nominees. Senate President Akpabio instructed the clerk of the national assembly to send a “holiday token for enjoyment” to each senator. However, the statement was swiftly retracted after widespread shock and criticism from fellow senators who felt it could expose them to public ridicule.

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The situation escalated when Senator Ireti Kingibe, representing the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, denied any knowledge of the directive and claimed to have received only “statutory allowances.” She asserted that she had not received any form of “holiday token” as described by Akpabio.

The credibility of these statements was put into question when the credit alert, dated August 8, 2023, surfaced online. According to the screenshot, a senator from Ondo State, whose name has been withheld, received a credit alert of N2 million at precisely 11:44 AM. The transaction description indicated “NFT SENATE OVE/NAT,” confirming the disbursement.

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Despite attempts to gain confirmation from the senator in question, both direct contact and outreach through media aides proved unsuccessful. Similarly, Senator Kingibe remained unresponsive when questioned about whether she had indeed received the allowance, contrary to her earlier denial.

The revelation has ignited a storm of criticism from Nigerians across the country. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their outrage at the perceived extravagance and insensitivity of the senators, especially in light of the economic challenges faced by ordinary citizens. Calls for transparency, accountability, and the reconsideration of such allowances within the context of national priorities have grown louder.

This revelation sheds light on the ongoing debate about financial practices and accountability within Nigeria’s political sphere. It raises questions about the equitable distribution of resources and the alignment of senators’ actions with the needs of the citizens they represent.

As the controversy deepens, Nigerians anxiously await further responses from the senators involved and from relevant authorities. The situation also highlights the importance of open dialogue and meaningful engagement between the elected officials and the public they serve.

Source link: Credit Alert Shows Senators Received N218m “Holiday Token”

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