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South West Youth Forum Urges President Tinubu to Avoid Appointing Ex-Governors as Ministers

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South West Youth Forum Urges President Tinubu to Avoid Appointing Ex-Governors as Ministers

In a press statement released recently, the South West Youth Forum (SWYF) has called upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to exercise caution when selecting ministers for his upcoming cabinet, advising him against appointing former governors to these positions. The forum expressed deep concerns regarding the alleged lobbying efforts of ex-governors seeking ministerial roles, highlighting their records of mismanagement and accumulation of substantial domestic and foreign debts during their tenure.

The Chairman of SWYF, Comrade Funsho Ajimuda, strongly emphasized that the aspirations of these former governors to become ministers while their political protégés hold governorship positions are driven by greed, shamelessness, and selfishness. According to Ajimuda, their focus during their tenure should have been on serving the people, rather than pursuing personal gain and seeking to switch portfolios.

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The forum shed light on the adverse consequences of the ex-governors’ mismanagement, stating that their lack of effective planning, concepts, and blueprints had severely hampered government affairs. Ajimuda claimed that their records were marred by broken promises, corruption, and inefficiency. Additionally, the SWYF highlighted the detrimental impact on Nigeria’s educational system, pointing out the shortage of teachers and the practice of employing National Youth Service Corps members to fill teaching positions. They also drew attention to the issue of salary arrears owed to teachers in some states.

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In lieu of appointing former governors, the SWYF urged President Tinubu to carefully consider individuals with strong technical expertise, capable of making substantial and lasting contributions. They stressed the importance of selecting ministers who possess excellent managerial skills to help address the nation’s ongoing economic challenges.



Expressing their unwavering confidence in President Tinubu’s ability to effectively serve and represent the interests of Nigeria’s population of over 220 million, the SWYF commended his extensive experience in the public sector and his notable track record in human resources management. The forum believes that the president’s nominees for ministerial positions will reflect his commitment to improving the lives of ordinary Nigerians, fostering affordability, and providing a better standard of living for all.

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President Tinubu has yet to respond to the recommendations put forth by the SWYF. However, the forum’s statement underlines the growing concerns among certain sections of the public regarding the appointment of former governors as ministers. The choices President Tinubu makes for his cabinet will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Nigeria’s future trajectory. It remains to be seen how he will address the calls to prioritize the nation’s interests above personal gains when selecting his ministers.

Source: Leadership Nigeria

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