Sultan of Sokoto Condemns Quran Burning Incident at Stockholm’s Main Mosque

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Sultan of Sokoto Condemns Quran Burning Incident at Stockholm's Main Mosque

In a powerful statement issued today, His Eminence Sa’ad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto and President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, expressed his vehement condemnation of the distressing act of burning the Quran in front of the main mosque located in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Sultan’s reaction comes as news of the sacrilegious incident spread across the globe, sparking outrage among Muslims worldwide. The Quran, considered the holiest book in Islam, holds immense reverence and is viewed as the literal word of Allah.

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The unfortunate incident took place earlier this week when a group of individuals, reportedly driven by bigotry and religious intolerance, set fire to a copy of the Quran in a deliberate and provocative manner outside the prominent mosque in Stockholm. The vile act has deeply hurt the sentiments of Muslims worldwide and stands as a blatant violation of religious freedom and respect for diversity.

In his statement, the Sultan of Sokoto expressed his profound distress and called upon the Swedish authorities to swiftly investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice. He emphasized the need for responsible dialogue and interfaith harmony to counter such divisive acts and prevent their recurrence in the future.

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The Sultan’s condemnation resonates with the broader Muslim community, who view the desecration of the Quran as a direct attack on their faith and an assault on the principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Prominent Muslim leaders and organizations from around the world have joined in denouncing this act, expressing solidarity with the affected community in Stockholm.

Moreover, the Sultan of Sokoto extended his gratitude to the Swedish Muslim community for their calm and composed response to the provocation. He urged Muslims to exercise restraint and not to let this incident incite violence or hatred. Instead, he called for a measured response that upholds the values of Islam, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness and the pursuit of justice through legal means.

The Sultan’s message of unity and resilience echoes the sentiments of Muslims globally, emphasizing the significance of mutual respect, understanding, and dialogue among different faith communities. He underlined the urgent need for societies to foster an environment of inclusivity and religious tolerance to counter extremist ideologies and safeguard social harmony.

The incident in Stockholm serves as a stark reminder that religious hatred and intolerance continue to pose significant challenges to societies worldwide. The Sultan’s condemnation sends a powerful message against such acts, encouraging individuals and communities to promote peace, respect, and empathy as the path forward.

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As the international community comes together to address religious discrimination and protect the rights of believers, it is imperative that incidents like the Quran burning in Stockholm prompt a broader dialogue on the importance of religious freedom and the values of coexistence.

Finally, the Sultan of Sokoto’s strong condemnation of the Quran burning incident at Stockholm’s main mosque underscores the necessity of safeguarding religious harmony and respect for diverse beliefs. His call for justice, dialogue, and unity resonates with Muslims globally, reminding us all of the urgent need to foster an inclusive and tolerant world for future generations.

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  1. Adamu Yakubu

    I Concur with his eminence the sultan and I pray and hope Swedish authority to take appropriate actions and kudos to the muslim ummah of Sweden for their calmness.
    Allah is always backing those on the right path.

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