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Taraba Governor Kefas Announces Free Education to Ease Hardships Caused by Fuel Subsidy Removal

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Governor Kefas Announces Free Education to Ease Hardships Caused by Fuel Subsidy Removal

In a significant move aimed at alleviating the burden on families and ensuring equal access to education, Taraba State Governor Agbu Kefas has declared primary and secondary school education to be free in the state. The governor made this announcement on Friday, July 7, during a visit to Ebenezer Primary School in Wukari. With this decision, Taraba State joins the growing list of regions in Nigeria that prioritize education as a fundamental right for every child.


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Addressing the need for free education:

Governor Kefas emphasized that it is the government’s responsibility to bear the expenses of education, relieving students and their families of any financial burden. By making primary and secondary education free, the governor aims to ensure that no child is denied access to quality education due to financial constraints. This move aligns with global efforts to achieve inclusive and equitable education, as outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Fuel subsidy removal and its impact:

The decision to implement free education in Taraba State was partly driven by the challenges faced by citizens following the removal of the fuel subsidy. Governor Kefas acknowledged that the recent removal of fuel subsidies had placed a considerable economic strain on the populace. Consequently, the governor recognized the urgent need to address the resulting hardships and enhance social welfare measures.

Prioritizing education as a campaign promise:

Governor Kefas’s decision to fulfill his campaign promise of providing free education further demonstrates his commitment to uplifting the educational sector in Taraba State. The governor has been steadfast in his efforts to ensure that education becomes more accessible and affordable for all residents. Previously, he reduced tuition fees at the state university by 50 percent, reflecting his dedication to easing the financial burden faced by students and their families.

Positive implications for Taraba State:

The declaration of free education in Taraba State is expected to have far-reaching positive consequences. By removing financial barriers, more children will have the opportunity to attend school, leading to increased literacy rates and improved human capital development. Additionally, the policy will help reduce the prevalence of out-of-school children and contribute to the overall socioeconomic growth and development of the state.

Governor Agbu Kefas of Taraba State has made a resounding commitment to education by declaring primary and secondary school education free. This progressive move not only fulfills a campaign promise but also aims to ease the economic hardships faced by citizens following the removal of fuel subsidies. By prioritizing education as a fundamental right, Taraba State is taking significant strides toward providing equal opportunities for its children, fostering development, and building a brighter future for all.

source: The Guardian

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