The Person Behind Putting an End to Nigerian Students’ Relocation to Study in the UK Revealed, Sparking Controversy and Policy Changes

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Nigerian Youtuber, Emdee Tiamiyu whose behind UK Visa Ban

In a surprising turn of events, the individual responsible for impeding the dreams of Nigerian students seeking to study in the UK has been unveiled. The revelation has triggered widespread controversy and prompted significant policy adjustments by the UK government. The person at the center of this controversy is none other than Emdee Tiamiyu, a Nigerian YouTuber known for his assistance to students in securing visas for studying abroad.

Originally hailing from Osun State, Nigeria, Tiamiyu himself migrated to the UK as a dependent, seeking a better life away from the prevailing hardships and oppression in his home country. However, his recent interview with a BBC journalist has sparked outrage among aspiring Nigerian students, who now perceive him as the one who destroyed their hopes and aspirations.

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During the interview, Tiamiyu divulged a critical piece of information that shed light on the motivations of Nigerians applying to study in the UK. He revealed that many applicants were primarily driven by the desire to escape the economic hardships in Nigeria, rather than genuinely pursuing the degrees they claimed in their visa applications.

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Tiamiyu’s revelation has had far-reaching consequences for Nigerian students aspiring to study abroad, particularly in the UK. Reacting swiftly to this revelation, the UK government has announced a series of policy changes set to take effect from 2024, aimed at curbing the trend of students relocating with their families.


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Key adjustments resulting from Tiamiyu’s interview include:

  1. Restriction on dependents: Going forward, Nigerian students will no longer be permitted to bring their dependents to the UK on student visas. This measure aims to discourage individuals from using student visas as a means to facilitate broader immigration opportunities.
  2. Limitations on visa switches: The UK government intends to impose restrictions on students switching to work visas until they have completed their studies. This ensures that students fulfill their educational commitments before transitioning to the job market.
  3. Crackdown on agent involvement: To ensure transparency and prevent fraudulent practices, the government plans to tighten regulations and clamp down on the use of agents or intermediaries in the student visa application process.
  4. Potential increase in financial requirements: In an effort to dissuade individuals from using student visas as a pathway to immigration, the UK government may raise the proof of funds (POF) required to demonstrate the ability to support oneself and dependents throughout the study period.
  5. Scrutiny of the student visa category: While not yet confirmed, Tiamiyu’s interview has sparked discussions within the UK government regarding the potential elimination of the student visa category altogether. Such a move would signify a significant shift in the UK’s approach to international students.
Emdee Tiamiyu photo

Emdee Tiamiyu’s unintentional role in reshaping the landscape for Nigerian students aspiring to study in the UK cannot be understated. His revelations have compelled the UK government to reevaluate its policies and take decisive actions to preserve the integrity of the student visa system. As Nigerian students come to terms with these changes, a new chapter in the pursuit of international education begins, one that necessitates increased scrutiny, resilience, and adaptability on the part of aspiring students.

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