Tragedy Strikes as Historic Zaria Mosque Collapse Claims 10 Lives During Evening Prayers

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Tragedy Strikes as Historic Zaria Mosque Collapse Claims 10 Lives During Evening Prayers

ZARIA, Kaduna State – A somber atmosphere enveloped Zaria, Kaduna State, as a historic mosque crumbled during Friday’s evening prayer, resulting in an unfathomable tragedy that claimed the lives of 10 worshipers while leaving seven others injured.

The catastrophe unfolded at approximately 4 pm, shattering the peaceful devotion of Muslim worshipers who were engaged in their evening prayer. The revered Emir of Zazzau, Ambassador Nuhu Bamali, confirmed the heart-wrenching incident, revealing that the collapse occurred during the second Sujud prayer. The affected portion of the mosque’s ancient structure suddenly gave way, burying those seated beneath the debris.

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The mosque, a testament to the region’s heritage, had stood for over 150 years, its walls constructed with traditional mud that had weathered the passage of time. Tragically, on this fateful day, the same walls that had witnessed generations of prayers succumbed to the weight of years.

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Ambassador Nuhu Bamali, his voice heavy with sorrow, extended his condolences to the grieving families. In response to the disaster, he swiftly directed the congregation to conduct their prayers outside the mosque premises while authorities strategize on repair and restoration works.

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State echoed the sentiment of grief and loss, expressing his heartfelt sympathies through his Chief Press Secretary, Mohammed Shehu. The governor’s words were a balm to the mourning community as he offered his condolences to the families of the victims and the wider Zazzau Emirate community. In his message, he also prayed for the repose of the departed souls and a swift recovery for the injured.

The incident has prompted an outpouring of solidarity from near and far, a testament to the unity of humanity in the face of tragedy. As investigations into the root cause of the collapse commence, the community remains resolute, united in their support for the grieving families and in their determination to rebuild.

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The heart-rending incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of regular maintenance and safety measures, even for structures that have stood tall for generations. As the community grapples with this unimaginable loss, they are reminded to cherish every moment and to stand together in the face of adversity.

Source: Channel TV

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