Twitter Verification and Earning Guide: How to Get Verified and Earn Money on the Platform

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Twitter Verification and Earning Guide: How to Get Verified and Earn Money on the Platform

In recent news, content creators and social media influencers in Nigeria are celebrating as they begin to receive payments from ‘X’, the rebranded Twitter, through its innovative ad revenue-sharing model. This groundbreaking initiative enables verified users, both in Nigeria and globally, to monetize their presence on the platform. The coveted blue Verified badge on ‘X’ signifies the authenticity of an account of public interest. However, obtaining this badge requires meeting specific criteria and impressions thresholds on posts and content.

To become eligible for the blue badge, your ‘X’ account must be authentic, notable, and active. It’s worth noting that the blue checkmark indicates an account’s active subscription to Twitter Blue, along with meeting ‘X’s’ stringent eligibility standards. To even qualify for this badge, your account should have a minimum of 500 followers and a substantial 15 million impressions on cumulative posts within the past three months.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Blue Checkmark:

  • Completeness: Ensure your account has a display name and profile photo.
  • Active Usage: Keep your account active within the last 30 days to be eligible for Twitter Blue.
  • Security: Have an account older than 30 days with a confirmed phone number.
  • Authenticity: Avoid recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username.
  • Transparency: Your account must be free from signs of deception or misleading information.
  • Platform Integrity: Stay clear of platform manipulation, spam, and any suspicious activity.
  • Pro Tip: Verify your phone number before signing up.

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To apply for Verification, follow these steps:


CLICK THE LINK TO JOIN: https://t.me/dotcoin_bot?start=r_5289508979_1002128509639
  1. Navigate to the more icon in the main menu.
  2. Select Settings and Support.
  3. Choose Settings and Privacy.
  4. Click on Your account.
  5. Select Account information and provide your password.
  6. Under Verified, select Request Verification, then Start request.

The ‘X’ team will review your Twitter Blue-subscribed account and determine whether it meets their rigorous requirements. Verified accounts can fall into various categories including Government, News organizations, Companies, Entertainment, Sports, Activists, and Content creators.

However, some accounts remain ineligible for the blue badge, regardless of meeting the authenticity, notability, and activity criteria. Such ineligible accounts encompass parody, commentary, unofficial fan, pets, and fictional character accounts. Also excluded are accounts engaging in severe violations, promoting harmful content, or selling unauthorized Verification badges.

On a brighter note, verified users can also explore Ads Revenue Sharing, allowing them to earn from organic impressions of ads displayed in replies to their posts. To qualify, follow these steps:

  1. Be subscribed to ‘X’ Premium or Verified Organizations.
  2. Accumulate at least 15 million organic impressions on your posts in the last 3 months.
  3. Garner a minimum of 500 followers.

Once you meet these criteria, setting up Ads Revenue Sharing is possible. Ensure you have a Stripe account, as ‘X’ partners with Stripe for payouts. Once you join and set up payouts, funds can be transferred to your external bank account as long as you’ve generated over $50 USD.

For a more detailed guide, visit the source link: The Nation Online – How to Get Verified & Earn Money on Twitter, and stay updated with the evolving opportunities on ‘X’.

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